Black Spirituality Religion : All worldly bonds appear blissful but really they are forms of worry only

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    All worldly bonds appear blissful but really they are forms of worry only
    Worldly things sources of worry and tension only

    The value of God can be understood – from the bliss you get by
    Simply remembering Him, - what will be bliss of His presence?
    What will be bliss when you – become God in human incarnation?
    Then what is His real value? – When you get bliss directly by
    Remembering Him, why should you – ask for worldly things to get
    Bliss from them? In fact, they are – sources of worry and tension only.
    A mirage never contains water in it – water is illusion in it, similarly
    All worldly bonds appear blissful – through illusion and really they are
    Forms of worry only, - Jesus praised a beggar surrendering a rupee
    In the church announcing – that God is pleased with that sacrifice.
    A rich man came for salvation to Him, - Jesus told him to sacrifice all
    The wealth possessed by him – and then only come for salvation.
    Both these indicate that God’s price – is total sacrifice, total surrender,
    Which is not the actual price, - but is the maximum possible price.
    Omniscient God knows even tiny – vibration of every thought of you!
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    The things of this world are due to pass away; we should not deny them when they are given to us by the Father, that we may sustain these earthly bodies for as long as He will have, but we should not be distracted by worldly material since the Holy Son commanded us to watch so that we aren't caught off guard.

    If one truly has faith in the Son, and believes in His sacrifice and resurrection from the dead, as all seeking salvation should, then you believe His words which He gave us as teachings and warnings, and will not worry nor allow yourself to be distracted or turned off the road of light for material gain.