Chief Elder Osiris : All Who Claim To Be Black And Afrikan, N Y Post Cartoon

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
All Who Claim To Be Black And Afrikan, N Y Post Cartoon

By Chief Elder Osiris

There is a New York post Cartoon that is causing many Black Folks to React to that cartoon, an action common to the spirit of so call Black Afrikan Americans and the first thing that seem to come to mind of the Black Afrikan American is that the cartoon is a Racist indication toward Black People, which mean that the Black Afrikan Americans associate themselves as being a Monkey in America, claiming to be Black Afrikan American and that beloved, is the irony of Black Afrikan Americans reaction toward that NY Post Cartoon, which mean that All Who Claim To Be Black And Afrikan that happen to be in America, are not deserving to make such a Claim that associate with our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black resided in Afrika Ancestors.

All Black People who claim to be Black and Afrikan is not Black and Afrikan and deserve to be prohibited from being recognized for making such a claim about a shade that carry a description of being Divine, Real, and True, principles that most Black People making a claim to be Black Afrikan Americans, are not qualified nor is capable of meeting such a requirement for being Black and Afrikan, because the Mind those making such a Claim are those who are reacting to the N Y Post Cartoon in disgust, which imply that those So call Black Afrikan Americans are more concern about their Racial status and relationship with white Folks than what the Cartoon is suggesting about the Phenotype of Black People, which is that all Black People is of the status in America and the World of a Monkey and the Monkey deserve to be Shot.

So since Obama is portrayed as being Black by by some White folks in America and has been selected to be president, and just had a bill referred to as a stimulus passage passed by congress by the Obama Administration, then it is logical to assume, because certain class of white folks classify Black people as being no more than the status of a Monkey in the world, that the world automatic reach a conclusion that the Monkey the Law of Justice has just shot is depicted to be that of America President, Barack Obama.

So the only thing Black so call Afrikan Americans can get from that N Y Post cartoon is that the Monkey lying flat on the Back is the reference to America President, because of the Human Being Mind depiction of Black People, is that of a Monkey.

The N Y Post Cartoon is more than being about Race here, it is about a suggestion that a Monkey should be shot because of their dissatisfaction with a stimulus bill that has now been made into Law, Not by a Monkey, but by President Obama, he who is being depicted as a Monkey in the Cartoon which is sending out a dangerous suggestion as to what need to be done not just to the President but to all who symbolize the Monkey in America.

Can You Understand That, Beloved

So you see, all who claim to be Black and Afrikan and is reacting to the N Y Post Cartoon as if you are a Black Monkey, which disqualify you from making such a claim to be Black and Afrikan, because in that cartoon it is the Monkey that you are allying to symbolize your Race and is getting a racial reaction from you who claim to be Black American Afrikan.

You need not to make claim to be Black and Afrikan when you knoe not who you are and what such a claim represent and mean to your Ancestors, because it is the Black Garvey Nationalist Afrikan In America that Know who Black People are and what it take to be Black and Afrikan, which is to have the desire to fight to have Afrika to become Afrika again and to become a Unified Black Nation again, knowing for such to become a reality for Afrika and Black People, we must cease to be reactionaries and become actionable in our pursuit for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, the Ark capable of taking us out of the Monkey America World and Take us to the Land of our Divine First Way Ancestors where we will become the next state in Afrika, not as a Monkey People but as the Black Divine Beings which we have the potential of becoming again, meaning that you once were Divine Black Beings and not Human Being Monkeys, as many of us are reacting to the N Y Post Cartoon in a way that imply that we are what the cartoon imply about Black People.

I do not give one **** how White folks corporations depict in their mind for me to be, in my Divine Mind it is I that Define Me, because I know who I am and it most certainly is not a Monkey nor do I subscribe to the Darwin Theory concerning My Life organic universal Formation.

Can You Understand That, Beloved.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



Chief Elder

The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement



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Jan 11, 2008
eartH (Heart) is my home
child care provider
Don't Understand Elder

Quite Where you are coming from. Allow me to reiterate what I believe you are saying. In essence, your position is that if one is truly in their right Divine mind state, then they would not care or defer attention to the cartoon because they would know the monkey has no meaning towards them. But, for those caught up in the concept of racial status, who see themselves as hueman rather than divine, and as Black rather than African, then these people are reacting to the cartoon because they identify with the monkey?

Do I have that correct? What concerns me Elder, is not whether we as melaninated people identify with the monkey, it's the advocation of violence, the obvious terroristic KKK mentality that still pervades this society in which we live.

Even if I am to return to the motherland, I will find there too, some levels of violence, turmoil and strife? Why, because the Original Tribes of all shades are hunted worldwide by a group of crazies who believe that their White Male Deity gave them dominion over this earth and all that creeps, crawls or walks upon it.

I am concerned by this cartoon because President Obama symbolizes CHANGE, whether real or imagined. Whether you consider him to be African enough or not, is not the issue. Consider for a moment the disasterous consequence of his life being in peril. I cannot believe that we could ever be divided on this issue.

It should not matter what racist White / Asian/ Indian people want to call AFrican people, but it does - why? Because what they think, they also do. I for one have had enough violence against myself, my ancestors, and my mind. I believe it's time to end the abuse against us. Real or Implied.

Can you understand me, Elder?


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