Chief Elder Osiris : All White People Are Not Our Problem White Power Is Our Problem

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    All White People Are Not Our Problem White Power Is Our Problem

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, now this missive is a clear indication that I do not share Divine information to please you or to win your favor, but to only enlighten those who are ready to be enlighten.

    You see, in order to understand this missive you Black people must put your prejudice in check and learn to direct it where it is justified.

    You have heard me say in the past that I do not discriminate when classifying white people and that I do not involve myself in separating and classifying white people, putting them in separate category to distinguish which is acceptable and which is not, in a world of evil going on.

    Well as you are given the use of your Divine Mind, you will grow in wisdom as well, because using your Divine Mind cause you to See very clearly and to creative Think, in order to get to know the evil that has plagued Black Afrikan people for so long, and that evil is not concentrated in great Numbers in the world.

    The Evil in the world consist of a very small nucleus of the World and that nucleus is the power that cause the world, not the earth, but the world of Beings on the anthropomorphous level, to function in an evil way as it does today.

    So the cause of the world, that cause Black Afrikan People to be in the condition we are in today, mentally and physically, is caused by the action of White, Arab Jewish, and all of the sub-ethnics that has played a part in causing the destruction of the Black Afrikan Civilization on this planet.

    So you see beloved, the Masses of white people are also under the authority of White power and many of them follow the directive of their handlers, which is a small cadre of white people with an unimaginable amount of power in the world.

    So you might ask, why Black People, why is the focus of all of that White power, set upon Black Afrikan people, and why do all of that white power involve themselves with keeping there to be enmity between the Massive of the various ethnics in the world to be against Black Afrikan people.

    Yes, it is White Power that has succeeded in planting the seed of unjustified prejudice against Black Afrikan People and has done so with a special and vigorous emphasis on Black Afrikan People.

    It is White Power that has caused the deep division and confusion among Black People, which now have Black People wondering out loud why is it that Black people, Men in particularly, do not have a sense of Mind to be protective of its own specie against all aggressors against Black people.

    Well, I have been sharing with you why that is the case every since I have been sharing information of a Divine nature with you, which is the fact that the Black Afrikan People have been made to lose our Mind, scientifically physically so.

    So, without the use of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors Genetic use of our Mind, we Black People end up being the most confused people about ourselves and of the spirit we display, more than any other Ethnic Group that make up the physical Beings world.

    Listen beloved, do you not know the amount of Time it require and the energy we exert to be prejudice toward all White people and to extend that prejudice to the various ethnics around the world toward and against all those who have played a part in crucifying the original Mind of Black People?

    When in fact, what we should be doing is concentrating our energy upon the evil source causing our problem in the world, which happen to be an integration of selective ethnic power, that selective ethnic group being led by the supreme crown of Lucifer, which is White, within the Fraternity of Lucifer, where the power is centered.

    Above, in this missive the question was raised, why all of Lucifer Power, all of that integration of white power, why is it directed and concentrated upon the Black Afrikan World, well the answer is very simple beloved, it is because Lucifer Fraternity know who you Black Beings Truly are and they know in order for them to remain in power on this earth, the Black World must be made to remain blind as to who we are.

    So what does Lucifer fraternity do, they cause and spread the prejudice seed of animosity amongst the masses of Black, Asian, and White people, the three major forces upon this earth, with Black people being the only people qualified with the potential to defeat the will of Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the three being One, in their campaign to destroy the Black World.

    The Evil of White integrated Power I am referring to, those ethnics group of the integrated Lucifer fraternity, they being the Arab, Jewish, and Caucasian People, the nucleus of white dominating power on this planet.

    I am not concentrating on corporate power, they are no more than the attributes of the fraternity of the Luciferian power, they who are out to control and rule the World, knowing the only way they will be able to accomplish their goal, is to continue to keep Black people distracted with our little Petty differences and prejudices toward each other and against the controlled masses of white people, they who the Luciferian use as pawns considered to be worthy to be used as collateral damage, when they are sent out to distract the masses of Black people in order to keep us from concentrating upon our Black selves for the purpose of reclaiming the use of our Divine Mind, the weapon capable of defeating the evil of Lucifer and their institution of Religion and deceiving politics.

    Those who are in any respect of political power, they have gotten there by the will and approval of Lucifer.

    Beloved, it is Lucifer Religion that serve as the generator of the Energy that Make Lucifer to be the concentrated force of power upon this earth today and is used to stimulate the masses of white people that move and operate under the spell of Lucifer power.

    Religion is the construct of Lucifer and Lucifer is no fantasy in religion, they are the power who created religion!!!

    So the general masses of White people are no more than victims of the same evil force of power that is out to destroy the Mind of Black people, because it is the Luciferian fraternity that know the True Nature of the people referred to as Black people, we being the nature of a Divine Being.

    Did I not indicate to you at the beginning of this missive that you will have problem with digesting this Divine Truth?

    Do you know why I know that you, well many of you Black people, will have problem with this Divine Truth I am sharing with you right now, well it is because I know that the Mind many Black people now have to guide you, is the Mind of the Human Being and the Human Being is no more than a code description of the Lucifer Beings, they being the bearer of the so call light, meaning a knowledge used to blind you Black people and the outer masses of this physical world from the Divine Truth.

    Without the Divine Mind to guide you, then you become a victim of the Human Being Mind that do nothing but lie and deceive you, in this world of evil.

    I often indicate to you that there is much I am to share with you, but it is not to be shared careless and when on this Internet or in open public, the information, if it is Divine critical crypt information, it must be shared privately discreetly, but if it is generalized information, which is all that Black people are privileged to on this Internet and in open public meetings.

    You see, it really serve to direct meaningful purposeful information that show the way to be travel in order to obtain our Liberation, only to a small secret fraternity of serious Divine Black Beings, since we are the Beings that created the secret fraternity Mystery System.

    So as long as Black People remain a victim captive in the mind of the Human Being, Lucifer is left to reign Terror in the Mind of the World and complete self ignorance among Black so call Afrikan People.

    I am getting the Mental perturbation from our Ancient First Way Ancestors that My Time of sharing with you on this Internet is about to come to a close, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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