Black People : All Religion Is Faith Based, With An Objective And Goal To Control Your Mind

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    by Chief Elder Osiris

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When dealing with your Mind it is all about the process of Thought, so when dealing with religion, its objective is to control the way you are to believe about, not only God, but the action of the Universe, and Self, such become the Social and Religious disorder of your way of Life Living.

    When using the Human Being Parameters to recite the action of Life perception of all things, when not knowing the Divine Concept of those things, then you short change your Natural ability to Think beyond the Box of so call Humanity, a term that has been coined and successfully indoctrinated into the Psychic of the present day world and such an indoctrination has been so successfully planted in the present day world psychic, until our Reality extend no further than the Limit the Human Beings have presented to the world concerning those things, using their psychic as the controlling example to be the center of the Gravity of Mental cognitive Learning, based on what the Human Being refer to as being History, and the sad part about it is, that the Primary Being to dawn this planet has become the Human Being most willing and submitting student, as we consider such flawed education of the Human Being to be the embolden Truth that they teach about God, Universe, Nature, and Mankind.

    When you limit your awareness to be based on the History of the Human Being and not the Original Beings, they that came to this Earth, and such Beings were in fact Divine Being, and not Human Beings, you in your perception of the Scientific facts concerning God, Universe, which is the Nature of all things, and Self, which is included in such Trinity of such Scientific Facts, then you set yourself up to become the Mental property of those which you quote in your regurgitation of the Profane teaching of the Human Being, about all you have been Humanly educated to believe of those Divine Entities, as presented to you in the Social, Political, and Religious context, by the Human Beings, those we now have been Mentally conditioned to follow.

    The Black world it is, that has been Mentally conditioned to follow the Human Being precepts and examples as have been given to be a Superficial illusion of the Truth and by us Black People being victims of such a profane process, it has made us Black people to not Know whom we really are, thus we become willing participants in that we have been conditioned to believe to be a Truth we know only about, taught to us by those who have conditioned us to accept as being the Truth concerning the Social, political, and Religious order of happening of a world the Human Beings have created and now control.

    Black People must come to realize and know with understanding that there is a Story about our Black Selves that Far extend beyond the History of the self identified Human Beings and to use the Life teaching of the Human Being as a frame of Reference, is to mean that all of our education we now make claim to, is the flawed Truth as afforded to us by the Human Beings and we expose such flawed information as if we really know all about the subject we have been Humanly Educated to believe is the actual fact of the matter, under discussion, such Revelation only show up how much we do not know about the cause and effect that now control the action of the Human Being World.

    There is a period of Time that Far exceed that which we now hold up to be the only Time that has occurred on this planet with the Anthropomorphous Beings being present, and all that we now believe about such beings, is what the Human Beings have succeeded in having this present World to believe, concerning the coming and going of Beings upon this planet and such flawed information prevent the Divine Information from being remembered by those Divine Beings who now wear the Mind of the Human Beings, meaning all that we believe we know now, is no where in the vicinity of that we should Divinely Know, concerning God, Universe, and our Black selves.

    Human Being and Religion come from the same corrupted Minds of a people with a history of lying and deceiving Black People and the lying and deception is mainly focus on the Cosmic happening of God, Universe, and the Black Beings upon this Planet, and as long as we remain a victim of the Human Beings Religion of all make and Kind, then we black People will remain ignorant about whom we are and without such Divine Knowledge, we remain ignorant about What God Is and what the Divine Truth is, concerning the Universe, and by Black People being a victim of such profane teaching that flow out from the Mouth of the Human Being, then we consent to be controlled by the Human Being way of Life Believing, and it is by us remaining of such victimization, will in fact maintain our present living and believing status we now represent in the world today and it being under total control of the Human Beings, the central source of Evil in the World today and especially the Black World.

    When you do not Know, you set yourself up to believe everything the Human Being Indoctrinate you into believing.

    The Divine Truth, The Human Beings Despise The Divine Truth And The Black World Suffer From Not Knowing Whom We are.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    well said