Chief Elder Osiris : All Religion Is An Enemy To Black Folks Liberation

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    All Religion Is An Enemy To Black Folks Liberation

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I know that the Religious believers have not the quality of Thoughts that can submit to the Divine Truth about the role religion play in the furtherance of Black so call Afrikans oppression and injustice.

    It has been made difficult for Black People to face up to the Divine Truth about religion, because Lucifer has been successful in raising up his Black Angele's of mental death, they being the preachers of religion, they which this evil world has raised up to be made to look in the eyes of Black people to be the Shepperd that protect Black people.

    Those religious Ministers have gotten Black people to believe that they are the ministers for civil justice for Black People, and because of such a false appearance the Black angels of death wear in the presence of Black people the tongue of lying influence as they come with the bible of Crucifixion, spreading the disease of Lucifer religion.

    Therefore, Black people with the respect for the preachers of religion, eaisly become influenced victims of a religious doctrine that spread nothing but the virus of lies and deceit.

    Those angle's of Black mental death come among Black people planting such a poisonous disease as religious belief, faith, and hope, into the mind of Black People, we who now emerge in a religious swamp, believing in the work of iniquity coming from those agents of the devil religion.

    Religion attack the Mind of Black people as cancer attack the cells of your body, it perform on the mind of Black People blinding Black People, preventing us from Knowing the evil dirty work of Lucifer Religion.

    Religious belief is the dagger of execution, it is used in the slaughtering of the Divine mental ability of Black people, preventing Black people from being mental qualified to distinguish between what is Divinely Real as oppose to what is deceivingly false

    Black people develop the feeling of confidence in religion and it is as it is, portrayed to be to us a savior while in reality it cause us to express a spirt of pretension..

    We believe in such acruel spirit of Lucifer agents who are serving a.

    Religious preachers, they are the courier of such a disease as Religion, they being those who boldly walk into the midst of Black people, they are full with confidence in their religious lies they plant into the Mind of Black People, as they spread Lucifer poison of Religion, a religious institution that serve as the concentration camp for Black People.

    Listen beloved, no really listen, with you being in control of your Mind thoughts, if for only a second, while I share this Divine Truth about Religion with you.

    Beloved, there is not one preacher, Minister, Religious Scholar that can profoundly Reason with You Rationally and Logically as to why you should take religion to be a protector of the Mind of Black People.

    yes, there is no religious scholar, Black, Jew, Arab or Caucasian that can Divinely justify the ordeal that religion has brought upon the Black World.

    Forget about the World in general, let us for a moment see our Black selves as a Black World, independent from the general World and tell me, where does Religion fit into the Body Life of Black People, whereby it can show that it has been a savior to the Mind of Black people and not a persecution to the Mind of Black People.

    Never, Never has Religion serve Black People in such a way that Black People can make claim to be Divine Thinkers who know instead of believe What the Divine Essence really Is.

    Religion has been used and still is being used as an instrument in the act of enslaving the Mind Thoughts of Black People, dumbing us down to the extent that we today do not know who we are, as we express the spirit of those who oppress us.

    Away with all of this evil pomp and show that Black People have been made to be addicted to and we do equate such world religious folly to be something that has been ordained by God when our lives condition say other wise.

    Yes the Religious God that have Black people today totally subitted to today and not the Divine Essence, that which prove to be the Divine Intelligence that cause all things physical and nonphysical,To Be.

    Tell me beloved, what do you believe is the reason why Afrika and the Black Afrikan is in the state of condition it is in today and I use belief because Black people have abandon the will to know the Divine Truth about what is the cause of our present Body Life living condition today.

    Why are Black Afrikan People serving in a cesspool of Misery and is divided, what is it that keep Black people so docile and arrogantly passive in the midst of the injustice that is measured out to us, Why?

    Well I will share with you why we behave as we do today which serve to our detriment, it is because of Lucifer Religion why we have become a pitiful shameless Black people.

    Religious Angles of Mental Death, your ministers of the oppressors God, the Black couriers of the Devil Religion, they are the reason why Black people lives are in the present condition it is in today.

    Black people are living a life being punished with injustice, coming from a religion that that can not be profoundly reasoned rationally and logical.

    Religion can not be substantiated to be that which is Divinely True, and such a quality of Truth require for you to be able to take it to a logical conclusion when proving that Truth, something the religious believers can not do.

    All that is justifiable True must be able to be reasoned with in the Circle of DivineTruth and must be able to carry such reason to a Rational and Logical level of knowing and not belief.

    Within the Divine Circle, there is no Belief, Faith, and Hope,the standard bearer of religion, which has no Divine standing in the presence of the Divine Essence Intelligence, the Divine God Of Infinity.

    Black people love to praise our oppression, we have no serious desire to Liberate our Black Body Mind, we love the irrational feeling that religion bring to a believing Mind.

    So that is why you can not Divinely Reason with religious ignorant intelligence, it being reinforced by the action of Lucifer Angles of Mental Death, the Ministers and Preachers, teachers of the religion of Lucifer.

    They come before you claiming that Religion is of our Ancient Black Afrikan Ancestors, what foolish Black Religious People we have become, taking pleasure in disrespecting our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, the Divine Teachers of the Divine Theology Of The Divine Essence, It BeingThe Infinite Divine Intelligent Energy, Intrinsic Within the Infinite Perfect Night.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    When it come to religion of any kind, it has a reputation of serving as the enemy to Black so call Afrikan Liberation, which only Reparation can deliver to the Children Of The Middle Passage.

    So as long as we remain stuck in the deceit of religion, I invite you to witness the death of a dying Black Afrika and Black Nation, a sight that has no Divine effect upon the Human Being Religious Mind Belief of the Black So Call Afrikan today.

    We who are now those Black Afrikans who follow without question, Lucifer Angles Of Mental Death, the Black Advocates Of Lucifer Human Being Religion.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
    Reserved Right Of The Author
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    Brother, brother, brother...I guess it pains me to have to say with authority and sheer conviction that; "The masses of our people are not trying to hear this reality". In fact, we are perhaps the biggest bunch of hypocrites to ever walk the earth when it comes to THAT REALITY AND OUR SO CALLED QUEST FOR FREEDOM!

    Let me for a second reveal why I say this. Let me simply take what they "do claim to believe to make my point. Lets just for the sake of this writing say that "Jesus was real and that what exist in the Bible WAS TRUE.

    Here is the hypocrisy of our people;

    1. We shun and run from the truth when their book via Jesus tells them that;
    "There is nothing hidden that shall not be known or revealed". Yet when it is revealed and it runs counter to their conditioning you, we or anyone doing the revealing is taken to be something close to the ANTI-CHRIST.

    2. We want to love everybody and can not discern or shun those among us who mean us no good...and yet the very Jesus they claim to follow and believe in clearly lets them know that;
    " He did not come to bring peace but a sword. He came to turn the father against the son, the daughter against the mother..etc."...yet we are expected to somehow be better than the very Jesus they claim to believe in....meaning; "Don't do as Jesus did".

    Yet when we, you, I or anyone else comes along "doing the very same thing that their Jesus who they claim to believe in said that he came to do"...we are again viewed as something close to the ANTI-CHRIST...and the only thing that can possibly turn family members against each other is the truth or the revealing of what has been hidden....which they are making so very clear that they do not want to hear.

    3. So are "All Black brothers and sisters my brothers and sisters?" Hell To The No!! Would all these black brothers and sisters have been the brothers and sisters of their so called prophets that they claim to believe in? Hell to the No!!..for it is their so called prophets who informed them that
    : "My Brothers and Sisters Are Those Who Believe As I Believe".

    But once again, we, you, I or anyone else who comes along speaking as their prophets spoke is somehow viewed as something close to the ANT-CHRIST. At least we, you, I or anyone else is not doing as their so called prophets did that they believe in...cause their prophets was were physically taking off heads with their swords.

    In our quest for freedom we have stumbling blocks before us and they are Black. How do we deal with them?...cause given the chance they would surely reveal that they have no issues when it comes to dealing with us and it has been demonstrated over and over again in our history. The greatest and strongest among us have been done in by Black people...the same black people that we are supposed to love, embrace, support and defend. Hell To The No!!!...for had we done what we were suppose to do and still have not done to this day, our reality would be much better than it is.

    So for all the religious following hypocrites who do not want to know and for those who CONSCIOUSLY
    work in the interest of our oppressor by advocating their values, philosophies and teachings that hinder and retard our pursuit of freedom..[/COLOR]
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    i've been

    hearing this alot lately. an older gentleman said to me, out of the blue, you know what divides black people young man? i said no. he said religion,
    religion has help divide black people. he said how is that a black man is ready to kill you over the white man's words? he said he doesn't get it

    and neither do i


    then you have people who question the "color" of "jesus" when there is no such person as far as the vatican goes. how is it you're a black person but your god goes thru italy first?


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    Don't Ask
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    I already know the truth. Thanks for getting the word out.
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    religion is only a problem to those who allow it to be a problem. I've said it before that I am not a religious individual and I do realize the danger that other's religions have done to our people. Simultaneously I could point to various spiritual/religious individuals communities of African people who have used it as a tool for our liberation.....I think wanting everyone to be "non-religious" is just as dogmatic as religious leaders who pound their fist on the pulpit and tell people they're going to hell if they don't turn their lives over to the "lord." In my opinion religion wouldn't be as problematic as long as it's in the best interest of our community.
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    Yes this is so true my brother but the masses have already drunken
    the kool aide