Brother AACOOLDRE : All or Nothing from the God's of Diva's & Divus

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    By Andre Austin

    Many of our so-called leaders and influential people have what I call the “All or nothing” syndrome”. They are infected with this disease making them think they are God like figures of Diva’s/Divus type personalities. These peoples come mainly from three categories:

    1. Politicians in a political party. Take the whole party line or leave it

    2. Religious figures

    3. Entertainers, in sports, music, comedians etc

    Entertainers. Take for example a singer/rapper. You might love 14 of 15 tracks on his/her latest CD. But if you critique just one song they will enter into a psychotic episode and spare you hairs on your head. But their blazing it up on me is just a bunch of hot air, thinking they are big ballers but are only holding little M & M peanuts in their pockets. I like their music, but I don’t like them dogging out their mothers on a track, or running outside butt, bootie, azzz-hole naked.

    Politicians are the same. You can cast your vote for the best man/woman to lead your country that you’re a citizen in, and everything is fine and dandy then. However, the minute you find 1 discrepancy in their Campaign literature, watch out vengeance is lurking around the corner for you. I’m especially enraged if I buy a product from a politician and I find out who the Ghost writer was and that the core of the story was based on a lie. I like to keep things true blue if you know what I mean. I hope they get the message that you can change history or graft to another family tree. Unless they want to get caught up in the wind of embarrassment back to their cities that torn up like the one in the movie Chi-RaQ.

    The Spiritual Club. Last but not the least the self-anointed Religious leaders. These are the Big-heads who are extremely reckless with the Tongue. These are the least likely to come to reconciliation. They have an all or nothing policy which gets in the way of Black unity.

    I love some of the female singers/actors whether or not they are streaking down an alley or self-portrait of their art work in the bathroom. I’ve seen prominent Ministers take pictures with them after their disrobing was exposed by internet trolls & hackers. Some of them don hats on the radio that are 5x’s as big as Abe Lincoln’s stove-pipe hat. Oh, how I fantasize I could get a private concert performance from that turning it up all the way. Then when the concert is over we have the After-party where we can get into the spirit of Millie Jackson’s “All the way Lover” Jam. That’s the type of All or Nothing I’m down with. I love going back in the day with the old school jams with a real woman that could turn me out.

    Just before I was awaken from the dream this particular Diva said I wasn’t getting “Nothing”, and that’s All she had to say.