Black People : ALL Lives Matter!


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Aug 9, 2003
I. e., when for any number of reasons, a deranged black youth loses touch with reality, between that and the illusions being hyped and/or images ad naseum, via a very popular video game (called GRAND THEFT AUTO), only so much can be blamed on us, rather than most on the producers of such b. s.

What is motivated who in our midst we best get our minds around too...


Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004

While i appreciate and respect the struggles of other peoples on this planet, what i really appreciate is you not bringing theirs to my doorstep when we aren't in a position to help anyone....much less ourselves.

I assume that you had good intentions when you posted this and that your bleeding heart just cried out at all the pain they went through. Maybe the government should give our peoples some of the perks that they get. A lot of us might be better off. I for one would and could live a lot better with some tax exempt status. Yeah, my heart is bleeding too...just not for anyone outside of our own.


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Dec 21, 2014
I gotta say, the best response that I've heard to the "all lives matter" hashtag came from a person of Asian descent.

He said: do people who use the #alllivesmatter hashtag also go to AIDS rallies with signs saying "cancer kills people too"?

A funny way to put it in my humble opinion. I think it's obvious that all lives matter but stating this ignores the issue at hand and minimizes their perspective.

Similarly "I can breath" - the NYPD affiliate slogan that is a response to the "I can't breath" slogan - ignores the issue at hand rather crudely. I mean, is that what one should say whilst strangling another? It's probably saying something along the lines of, because of police saving my life I can breath and am living. But true as that might be, it's a desperate grab of attention from a attention from a legitimately stated perspective.

Let us not steal attention from valid issues by hijacking their 15 minutes of fame, and create our own creative terms that merit their own limelight.

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