Black Poetry : All I want for Christmas (for everyone here)

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  1. Kitana

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    Aug 17, 2001
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    under the sun
    This was inspired by Zorbi's letters to Santa...
    if you are reading this, and you reply, will you tell me what you want for will be interesting to see others thoughts on this..with thanks...K

    Everytime someone asks me
    "What do I want for Xmas"
    I usually say, "nothing"
    only to be told you can't buy nothing

    but what I really want for xmas
    I know that no-one can give me~
    so I don't ask for it...
    but I do wish for it

    my list is long and varied~
    and some of the items on it
    are impossible to attain
    but I wish for them anyway

    My Wish List (the top ten)

    every child shall be wrapped
    in loving arms
    and have three square meals a day
    a warm place to sleep
    and be safe from harm

    every old person shall have
    a young person who loves them enough
    to take care of them

    peace will be a word
    everyone knows the meaning of

    domestic violence will be
    just two words in the dictionary

    every rich person shall
    reach out to one poor person

    every hand will help another hand
    that is reaching out for help

    we will all become colour blind
    when we look at another person

    we will all learn to be more tolerant
    toward others

    we will all right one wrong
    no matter how small
    it will still make a difference

    we will all believe the impossible is possible~

    (c) nfn 2001
  2. poeticdelight

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    Mar 22, 2001
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    i wish for world peace
  3. $$RICH$$

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    Mar 21, 2001
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    I wish 4

    wisdom & grace of knowledge
    I wish
    2 spread love & devotion inside
    every heart of da world
    I wish
    that every one's eyez see da same
    as i see them a brutha a sista
    I wish
    togetherness in every home
    so children can feel loved
    I wish
    4 not a car nor money
    just another love to love me 4 me
    I wish
    under all statements that children
    have food & shelter & laughter
    I wish
    mind/body&soul that we come as one
    as one before judgement day
    I wish
    that i spread wealth to the needy
    not the ole same greedy one's
    I wish
    that my life means something to someone
    from somewhere somehow someway as
    dayz go by and i'm remembered
    I wish
    proverity be no more
    happiness replaced it
    I wish 4
    true love to last til death do us part
    most of all i wish
    that i continue to be me as i am
    and continue to help needed families
    I wish
    that my voice be heard
    my touch be felt
    my tears be dried
    my heart caressed
    my sons grow strong and free
    of life's disgraced face that makes
    us feel down at tymes

    my wish list is long
    i could go on and on !
    i wish what u wish
    but do bring me a glass of milk .......
  4. epiphany

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    Sep 2, 2001
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    Raleigh, NC by way of Pittsburgh, Pa.

    What wonderful thoughts......

    I wish

    I wish for Christmas
    a world of one love
    no suffering, no heartache
    no diseases to speak of
    all can live in peace
    no rumors of war
    the riches of life ...provided
    with equal recourse
    no such word as poor
    the hungry will be fed
    children would experience
    ........without guns
    ........without drugs the schoolyard
    the threat of violence
    .........completely gone
    reality of family life
    will abound in each house
    Politicians with a heart
    to sympathize with all man
    making changes for the better
    a society that truly cares
    conservation would not be
    we would respect.....all life
    ..........the trees,
    ...........the land
    ...........the oceans
    the tigers almost extinct
    the animals in the forrest
    the birds in the air
    no nuclear warheads
    nothing to menace our fate
    I wish many things
    probably an idealistic dream
    maybe the impossible
    .........can be attained
    with prayer and a lot of faith
    to begin with just the possible
    hopefully causing a ripple effect
    I wish......sometimes
    ......I wish

    Epiphany :heart: (c)2001