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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    AFRE is a NGO in consultative Roster ) status with ECOSOC.

    I am humble to inform you of the working relationship I have with the leader of AFRE, Ida Hakim, as well as with the Honorable Silis Muhammad, CEO, of the Lost Found Nation Of Islam.

    It is through the efforts of dear Ida and the Honorable Silis Muhammad and now Chief Elder, who choose to fight the fight of Hue - Man Rights and Reparation / Repatriation and Nation State Status in Africa for those AfroDescendants who feel that waiting four hundred years for our Hue - Man Rights to be respected in America and other parts of the Diaspora, holding hand with Justice, is a wait now have run its course and for us to wait any longer,make us out to be a Fool in waiting, without evidence of change of behavior by America toward the AfroDescendants, Children of our Enslaved African Ancestors, who was recognized only as Chattel.

    Through and by the Leadership Of The Honorable Silis Muhammad, who is on a continuous journey to the United Nation in Geneva Switzerland, with whom the Chief Elder Osiris has established a working partnership with the Honorable Silis Muhammad and have accompanied him to the Arena of the United Nation in Geneva Switzerland.

    There, where the both have presented the case of the Children of those who were Enslaved and we choose to fight the Hue - Man Rights / Reparation/Repatriation Battle at the highest level of Geopolitical Engagement, as we unceasingly work to educate the children of our Enslaved African Ancestors about our plight and Right to Reparation, knowing full well that our success at the UN IS DEPENDED UPON OUR SUCCESS IN MOBILIZING, UNIFYING IN HARMONY,THE CHILDREN OF OUR ENSLAVED AFRICAN ANCESTORS, AfroDescendats now we are and is no longer invisible in the eyes of Representive Politics on the International Level of the United Nations.

    Thus I present to you my dear Beloved, you who was once lost and now is found, a written statement to the 60th Session of the Commission on Human Rights, by AFRE.

    15 MARCH TO 23 APRIL, 2004

    AGENDA item 14: Specific groups and individuals: ( b ) Minorities.

    " We, Afrodescendants, seek placement on the agenda of the Commission on Human Rights.
    We seek to be placed on the agenda as " New Minorities."
    We emerged as " New Minorities" during globalization - the process of economic, political and cultural interconnection,which had its origin after the cold war. In as much as globalization is the phenomenon that produces new identities, we collectively took on the new identity, AfroDescendants, at La Ceiba, Honduras, in march 2002.

    The term Minority has taken on additional meaning. Today the term Minority takes into consideration who has the minority of wealth and power. Thus, today the term minority has a qualitative value as well as a quantitative value. A analysis in this regard reveals that in all of the Americas and throughout the Slavery Diaspora, AfroDescendants are in the minority.

    The working group on minorities has placed AfroDescendants in their reports and on their agenda as AfroDescendants Minorities. We submit this as a working definition of AfroDescendants: peoples who
    ( 1 ) were forcibly dispossessed of their homeland, Africa; 2 ) were transported to the Americas and Diaspora for the purpose of Enslavement; 3 ) and were subjected to Slavery; 4 ) were subjected to forced mixed breeding and Rape; 5 ) have experienced, through force, the loss of mother tongue, culture and religion; 6 ) and have experienced racial discrimination due to lost ties or partially lost ties to their original identity.

    For the first time in the history of our sojourn, we collectively have given to ourselves: AfroDescendants.
    As minorities we remained quiescent for a long period of time, in the names African American, Afro-American,Blacks, Negro,Colored, and so on.

    But today, we collectively have rebuilt our identity in some nineteen countries in North, Central and South America and throughout the Slavery Diaspora.

    Therefore, AfroDescendants are the " New Minorities", and we request to be placed on the agenda of the Commission on Human Rights as such. End of Statement.

    On such a level must the AfroDescendants carry the fight for Justice, in the effort to obtain our Hue -Man Rights as well as Reparation / Repatriation.

    All Praise is due from the AfroDescendants in America, to the Honorable Silis Muhammad, for the work he has and continue to do, in the fight for our Human Dignity to be recaptured.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation