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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

You desire seriousness, then here it is, enough of all of the useless talk that come from the Nonactive Black Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist, we who love to quote those Brave Black Nationalist Pan - Afrikanist and yet have not the Will to advance all that they have left for us who claim to be Black Nationalist Pan - Afrikanist to do and advance such a Noble cause and not just sit on our behind seeing who can best quote from the legacy of those Proven Black Warriors whom we serve to be an insult to today.

I speak to the Children of the Middle Passage, you who are the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, they which held no Citizenship to America, so how can you, when you have never been approached to be given a Choice to stay in America or Return Home to Afrika, those other people Born in America share Equal Citizenship in America, such does not apply to the Children Of The Middle Passage, because to be Born without Justice being your Crown, become the Illusion of Citizenship, which become Different from White Citizenship in America, meaning Black Folks in America without having taken an oath to America Citizenship, wear a Bastard American Citizenship and we should inform the Secretary Of State that we the Black Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist do and so now renounce our Illusionary Citizenship, that which Come without Justice.

In actuality we the Children of The Middle Passage has been Played to be a Fool, the Arrogance of White America to assume without asking us whether or not we desire to become a Citizen of America as Is, wearing all of America Racism, Unjustified Prejudice and Loaded Injustice.

Then who are you Children of the Middle Passage in America, we are a State which came out from our Enslaved Ancestors being Held Captive in Exile in America, under the Pretense of being an American Citizen, when in fact we do not enjoy the Inalienable Right which White America Does.

Never in the Five Hundred Years of being in America that we should have to earn Civil and Divine Justice for our Lives, as if we are a people that have Never experience the Divinity of Inalienable and Divine Rights and Justice for the Black World.

We the Children Of The Middle Passage, over the Five Hundred Years from Home, we have Evolved to become a Natural distinct Ethnic Group, affiliated to the Black Family of that so call place referred to as Afrika, and it is the Natural Course of our Divine Right to be received back in Afrika as the next additional State in Afrika, coming out of America Exile, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, we who should renounced our Phony Citizenship in America, a Citizenship that come without Divine Justice.

Beloved, it takes radical action to be able to dramatize a mind of Serious urgency and what I am proposing is Serious, as all of the other proposals I have submitted to you for the Greater Good of the Black Race, yet you rather labor under the illusion of getting an equal slice of the American Pie / Dream, we have become a people addicted to our Injustice in America, pretending to be America Citizens.

Beloved at some point in our American Lives, a Life Wreaked With Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, the Children of Enslaved Ancestors must come to be willing to bear our Burden to become Free and Independent, because if not, behold the Death of our Children, coming from our Want to hold on to America Injustice.

Beloved, if the Lakota People can come to the realization that they have entered into Treaties with a Liar and Deceiver, then why Can't you come to realize it is that Same Liar and Deceiver that Captured and Enslaved our Ancestors and then had the audacity to impose a phony Citizenship upon us, a Citizenship without Justice is no Citizenship at all.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
Are we ready to take the final step twards Liberation?


We can talk loud and say noting about what really matters as long as some one will listen and not feel they must do any thing except debate with words and win a popularity contest of wits.

The reality that is right on top of us is real and is not going any fact we will be going some ware be fore the reality ever changes. We are not a part of this country except as it is put in the "Constitution of the United States" ware it refers to Negros, Blacks, Africans as 3/5th's Human!!! How do we get around this?? Your vote does not matter because you don't matter...except for being a major part of the Gross National Product to be "Sold" on "Wall Street" to the highest bidder !! Wake Up and Know Your Black Self



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