Black Education / Schools : All black/all male school grads get college scholarships

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    Urban Prep in troubled black communities in Chicago, opened its doors in 2006. Since then, ALL students have not only graduated, but received college scholarships:

    AFRICANGLOBE – For a remarkable fourth consecutive year, all 167 seniors at Urban Prep Academies schools have been accepted at four-year colleges or universities this fall.
    Students of the two Chicago public charter high schools — located in the city’s Englewood and University Village neighborhoods — gathered Thursday morning to celebrate the achievement of their schools, for their impressive, seemingly magical rates of success.
    Still, Urban Prep‘s founder and CEO Tim King says, “the only magic going on at Urban Prep is the magic that these guys put in with their hard work and dedication.”
    Some of the students at Urban Prep have overcome harrowing odds along their paths to college. Over the past several months, graduating senior Pravione Winding, 17, endured both the loss of his grandmother to cancer and his father to a fatal shooting during a dispute on the city’s South Side in January, the Chicago Tribune reports.
    After enduring those tragedies, Winding has been accepted at several schools and will likely attend Howard University in Washington.