Africa : All African Diamonds are Conflict Diamonds...DON'T BUY ANY DIAMONDS OUT OF AFRICA!!

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    I purchased a diamond 2 or 3 years back as I was engaged to be married (things later didn't work out). After deciding on the cut, color, and clarity (quality markers) of the diamond I wanted, I told the jeweler I didn't care where he got the diamond from as long as it wasn't Africa. He told me some diamonds are mined in South America and Australia, so I said make sure it came from one of those places. I refuse to buy a diamond that comes out of Africa!

    My take on the whole thing is that every diamond that a Euro sells is a "conflict diamond". How can they murder our ancestors for their land, then parlay a TRILLION DOLLAR EMPIRE, and then label a few diamonds mined by African slave labor or those on "conflicted land" are "conflict diamonds"? They have no right to sell them and so any diamond a Euro distributes and sells out of Africa is conflicted given it is complete disrespect to us as a people!!

    That would be like the Arabs succeeding in murdering or committing genocide against all the Jews in Palestine and then selling the coastal Dead Sea Salt creating a trillion-dollar empire in the process.

    Lastly, about the movie "Blood Diamonds", it is just another attempt by psychopathic Euros to "analyze the victim". They created those conditions in Africa, and now they want to make a movie where the savior needs to be a Euro man to civilize things with savage Africans. It is utterly disgusting in my opinion. The second thing it does is remove the attention from South Africa, as the movie's plot is the West African country of Sierre Lione (if I am not mistaken). Over 90% of the world's diamonds come from South Africa controlled by DeBeers, a Jewish company.

    We seriously need to manifest a cultural consciousness to acknowledge and behave as the same people on the Continent and in the Diaspora as Americans coordinate efforts with sub-continental Europeans. We need to recognize how Euros are typically unable to acknowledge their guilt, and so will psychopathically twist things around in order to appear as if they are addressing real issues.
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    wife: Jeanette Grattan Parker and husband: Clark Parker

    They have a very INTERESTING STORY.

    I cant recall it now but the WIFE has a UNIVERSITY set up in COMPTON CALIFORNIA or SOUTH CENTRAL called PACIFIC NATIONAL UNIVERSITY for COLLEGE STUDENTS and the couple run DAY SCHOOLS called GOLDEN <SOMETHING> in CALIFORNIA too for about I cant recall 20+ years. It's all done under the name of Christ or that JESUS FELLOW.

    The husband did GOOD and POCKETED MUCH MONEY in the PROCESS which helps run those SCHOOLS.

    Maybe I will come back with more LATER or SOMEBODY might be able to FILL IN SOME, HOPEFULLY.

    Clark Parker with his BUSINESS FINESSE does the DEALING of SUPPLYING the NATION with DIAMONDS from CAR.

    Following his story I think he couldn't of made it thus FAR PROBABLY without a WOMAN'S ADVICE.
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    Brother ShemsiEnTehuti ... Welcome Home ... :wave:

    Good to have you back posting with us.

    Unfortunately, there is very little we consume (and that's all we mostly are, is consumers), that doesn't have blood on it.

    Which is why we need our own, to produce it, and sell it to each other.

    How do we collectively become something other than consumers?


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    Conflict Diamonds - Blood Diamonds
    What You Can do to Avoid Buying a Conflict Diamond
    By Carly Wickell, Guide

    Conflict Diamonds and Why They're Still a Problem

    Learn about conflict diamonds, the KPCS, and what you can do to ensure you purchase conflict-free diamonds.

    ...How consumers can help stop blood diamond trade.
    Retailers cannot guarantee that the diamond you purchase is not a conflict diamond. As consumers, we have the power to change that by demanding details about the diamonds we buy. Demanding proof that a diamond is conflict-free sends a powerful message to the world that we will not support an industry or nation that helps fund terror groups. Change won't happen overnight, but it will happen if we are persistent.

    Canadian diamonds - the Code of Conduct
    Canada has made progress in identifying diamonds originating in its mines. The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canadian Diamond Claims sets a standard for authentication of claims that a diamond is Canadian -- and conflict free.

    Adhering to The Code requires each company to initiate a paper trail that tracks a diamond's progression from the mine to its retail destination. The Code also includes rules for proper handling, packing and marking of all diamonds that are represented as Canadian stones. Even with the guidelines, there's no way to absolutely guarantee a diamond is Canadian, but the process definitely helps eliminate doubt.

    The Canadian program is voluntary, so not all retailers participate. Those who do must provide consumers with:

    •The diamond Identification Number

    •The retailer's name and address

    •An invoice number and the date of the invoice

    •The polished diamond description

    •An explanation of the Code
    A list of signatories of the Code is available online, naming retailers and wholesalers who are committed to following the Code's procedures.

    It's difficult for most of us to imagine what life is like in countries where diamonds are the source of so much chaos and suffering, and the connection between terror and diamonds is not something that's reported heavily in the press. The 2006 movie Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, should help make the issues more mainstream, if only temporarily.

    Take some time to learn more about the problems that conflict diamonds create, then follow your heart the next time you shop for a diamond.