Africa : Alkebulan - the real name of Africa (?)


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Sep 24, 2003
Salam brothers.

I'm new in this forum. I browsed the internet in order
to know the origins of the appellation "Alkebulan" but
didn't find enough information.

According to one source:

ALKEBU-LAN is an ancient name for Africa, which originated
from the African Moors. The Moors occupied northern Africa
and southern Europe from approximately the 7th to the 15th
century A.D. ALKEBU-LAN, which is ancient Arabic, means
"The Land of the Blacks."

Is there sombebody who knows the real meaning of Alkebulan?
Perhaps brother "Alkebulantaazar" who posted many messages
in this forum could help. I think that once we'll be aware of our
history and symbols/names, we will be able to build the new Africa.

I need your help, brothers.




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Sep 24, 2003
Thanks a lot for the replies.

Alkebulan, among the other names for mother Africa, has a
strong vibration.

I heard that Dr Ben Jochannan wrote some articles about this name.
I haven't read these articles. And I don't know where to find
them. Any idea on how to get them?

I believe that we must restore the culture of Alkebulan, in order
to create again in Africa, the mother of all civilizations, the
beginning of a new civilization that will bring peace and humanity to the world.

Let's ask to every brother the meaning and the history of
Alkebulan. And let's share the knowledge.

May God bless us, brothers.

- sunjata


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Feb 9, 2001
Welcome Brother sunjata and thank you for the enlightening information and call for the rebirth of our beloved Africa. As for sisters in the struggle, we can also benefit from this dialogue and share information. I too, look forward to the responses to your questions.



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Sep 24, 2003
Hi sister NNQueen.

You are absolutely right and I must beg your perdon. I believe
that sisters of Africa have a master role in this struggle.

With love



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Nov 2, 2003
I think what you are looking for is the original name all Africans called their continent. This unfortunately did not exist.

The continent as a whole was never called by the same name by the native inhabitants. This only came about when other countries recorded a name for its existence. Africans the continent all over had their own name for their own land, and that of the other tribes. A collective consciousness that all this land was one was never a part of the culture. As even the Egyptians, did not know the full extent of the continent and broke it up into the known lands and people. The name as it is today representing the whole continent can be attributed to a number of possibilities, seven of which have been endorsed as the most likely by the United Nations. Alkebulan is not one of them.

There is an extract of these seven in the below link.

The real origin of the word is Arabic. AL is old Arabic for Black as in Algeria, which means black area.
Alkebulan basically means Black land, or as some prefer to translate it land of the black.


Feb 22, 2004
thankx 4 breaking that down keita, is it possible they did have a name but it was simply lost through history like many other traditions and info?

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