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    By Andre Austin

    Algorithm is original a math problem, named after an Islamic mathematician, for finding the greatest common divisor. Not since slavery has the biggest error in human history has been performed on the human stage then by deliberately allowing mythology to get deeply entrenched into our civilization as pretended reality. The whole Public school system is developed around enabling it to stay in existence by compartmentalization. No classroom teaching mythology is done with comparative analysis with NT literature; and so on and so on with other disciplines.

    Now Crime Investigators have been using a tweaked version of Algorithm to catch and find criminals and all the clues they leave behind. Some math wizard should develop an Algorithm system to expose the crime of plagiarism of the New Testament swindlers of the ancient so-called pagan literature.

    After this computer program is developed and deployed it will discover what’s already been documented that Jesus is a composite figure molded and stitched together like some type of a Frankenstein body with Dracula fangs requiring blood and human flesh to feast off of.

    And we know where they got all the dead bodies they used to create the Typological/Composite masterpiece of fiction:

    Zalmoxis or Salmoxis (Greek: Ζάλμοξις)[1] is a divinity of the Getae (a people of the lower Danube), mentioned by Herodotus in his Histories IV, 93–96. We see where they got the idea of the Three nails on the cross from with the three arrows used to crucified Zalmoxis then him rising from death after 3 years now turned into three days.

    The Algorithm would pop out Josephus’s War of the Jews, The Antiquities of the Jews having similar themes in the NT as outline by some Bible scholars. The Algorithm would spit of other names like Bacchus, Prometheus, Zeus, Serapis, Horus, Osiris, Mithra, Buddha, and a whole host of other mythological figures making Jesus into a composite sketch.

    This composite of Jesus also included bits and pieces of historical figures like the Flavian Dynasty in Rome of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. For more information on these three stooges please consult with Joe Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah. We must also include brief cameo appearances of Pythagoras and Zoroaster doing miracles and religious doctrines as Jesus.

    The Literature the used came from Plato, Homer and Egyptian priests writings in the Pyramid Texts and The Egyptian Book of the Dead and other influential literature of their times from the Stoics and Philo of Alexandria being mimicked in the NT. Brilliant scholars like the late Dora M. Murdock (Aka Acharya S.), have compiled some of this knowledge in her books that are virtually invisible in the public libraries.

    The Atheists are concerned that the three major religions, (Judaism, Islam and Christianity), will destroy civilization. The middle ages (Dark ages of 400A-1400Ad) produced almost a thousand years of no progress with a toe tag of 50 million souls being bumped off. It seems this might be replicated with Abortion, a forced popularity of Homosexual Lifestyle in Hollywood, and human population control (Eugenics). There will be technological advancement but the masses will be encouraged in (Hollywood propaganda Film) to embrace their non-technological past.

    Religion and Politics should be scrutinized by the masses of the people. And we shouldn’t rely on the Mass media for some filters and lenses because their an offshoot of Corporate foxes who are the puppet masters of Politicians. The people haven’t woke up yet and smelled the piss cans. If politicians have to basically pledge allegiance to one of the three major mythological religions and they are controlled by corporate gangsters but still naked eyes can’t see the deception.

    Christianity can be peaceful now because they were able to be terrorist for so long in the past. When it comes to religion Doctors, Lawyers, scientists and bankers just to name a few can’t think right. Racism, poverty and militarism will destroy America and the three major religions, media and the police force will try to slow this process down.

    Technology is being used to control and contain the masses of the people at the interest of Corporate robber barons. This makes us half free without knowing it. We can use technology (Like DNA data banks) to start exposing it from its foundation on up.