Black People : Alfonzo Peter Bailey: Race Folks, Black Crime, and The N-Word

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    Bailey speaks on a time when things were more plain and clear.

    Are we any more easy to manipulate now than in the past.
    Can the contamination of America be overcome?

    Bailey touches on a few things that we often just push aside as "it's just entertainment", and "who cares what white people think?"

    The problem with this thinking is, black people start to question what we are doing to demand respect as well.

    I grew up on hip hop in a sense, but was never into hardcore gangsta stuff.

    Never got why Scarface was so intriguing to some, Tony gets killed at the end.

    Why so many videos referring to sex, drugs and violence... is this because America has created the culture for it?

    How do we change this, before we have to come out with a 2020 version of "SELF DESTRUCTION"?

    Can we change America, do we need to change, do we need to relocate to clear our minds?

    I honestly wish I could create a "BLACK JOB CORP" and set up camps all around the country to train young and old that want to work a skill or a trade that would pay them 14/hr.

    Maybe someone like George Soros could fund it or something.
    Could start a petition and see if he would be interested.

    And the other fella, Warren Buffett, yea him too

    If Soros isn't backing black movements, someone should find and harass him and Buffett to help fund and revitalize communities, schools, housing, create an industry of new companies that can be filled with black and brown employees, etc, etc, etc.

    Money and stability can't protect you from injustice, but it can help soften the blows.