Black Poetry : Alerting with bling rapping wanting a certain thing to happen like a date in VIRGINIA BEACH, must co


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Alerting with bling rapping wanting a certain thing to happen
like a date in VIRGINIA BEACH, must come across words so
I can toss some to nerds hating for no reason so verbs flow
downstream “AND YOU a brown PHILLIPINE QUEEN toe
and heel so you know the deal on my fantasy it's loco
boo your pie smokes and I have high hopes never a no show
need your body bad at a party mad you a hottie and I'm glad
now we in front of ALDI in VIRGINIA BEACH and girl you work
in a mini-skirt my emotions up right here at SEVEN ELEVEN twerk
that booty an alert cutie you the type queen with a pipe dream a hype
PHILLIPINE chick that flirt a lot and your dessert is very hot and
carry a lot of juice for real, so boo I have a true crew and plan
that's how we do in the land of love when I stand in a club
and make a choice, so boo I got a car on wheels just one hug
so far reveals junk and I deal in funk girl give me a kiss of love
“NAW PLAYER GEE my lace be the case and that's why you chase
my Philippine pink I got cream and must think wow this could be a race
to finish so you wish for sex and a kiss is next can't twist this text words
will become lame duck, now this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH
at the SEVEN ELEVEN and my mini-skirt is down plenty of flirt to reach
around can't teach a clown new tricks when it comes to true chicks bleach
my panties trying to do that where your crew at this baby boo is phat to say
the least and my panties are soaked no joke you really hope for some so “Stay
in my Corner like the dells, oh well don't play around best to stay at bay
because boys kiss while rapping and wish for something to happen wanna tongue
a lot and be sprung a lot I hung my wet panties up on the spot so they dry sung
a song oh PHILLIPINE GIRLS go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH this
require a flirt but I desire to work and boys admire my skirt right now brisk
because it's down and I git a around like TUPAC and the UNDERGROUND
got **** to enjoy so I affront a boy if he stunt could destroy our renown
relation ship, superior thug never inferior to love he want cake smooth
now ready to make a move I take a moment to soothe in the sex groove