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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Albinos in South Africa

Sister Purple and Everyone ... :) ... this is a video documenting the lives of some Albinos in South Africa. They talk about their plight, being white, amongst so many Blacks. It's young people for the most part, and they talk about how their Fathers disowned them, upon birth. The Mothers mention that they were accused of sleeping with white men, because their child was born white.

It's an interesting view into a seldom seen phenomena.



ps ... ohhhh ... it can't be embedded. You've got to go to ... to view this one.


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Jun 24, 2007
Yes, many albino's in SA. Due to the tropical conditions and lack of protection they often dont live up to the average life expectancy. Interestingly, most of the albino women I have seen are... nun's. Makes me wonder if they were dropped off there at birth as orphanages and such are most often run by missionaries.

Interesting story, Destee :heart:


as an aside:

I'm sure there are more white albino's that folks are aware of.. this girls home page..

If she didnt dedicate it to the disease, I would have never known that most of the pics are of white albino's.

Goddess Auset333

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Feb 9, 2007
Beloved One:

This is truly a sickness among our people to Shun this Divine sister.

It is my desire to hug on her and show her Loving that surpasses my own over standing.

We have some sick, sick, sick people (leprosy mind-set) to do this to her, and when we shun each other who are not Albinos, the sickness continues, and we wonder why others hate the black Afrikan race. We who are not conscious, do not desire to be conscious, operates in SIN - Self Inflicted Nonsense, injecting the drug Disease call Ignorance.

I looked at all those people on that bus, and I saw straight through them and the ugly junk inside of them. They do not have no home training, and that Home training is the Mind-Home training. Seeing through people makes one desire to VOMIT.

Maybe those who shun her need a dosage of their own medicine. Send them to Jena so they can feels what is like to do what they do to others.

:getout: will somebody or something please close and kick :getout: the ignorance door down:getout: in the mind-set of our people.

If this young sister, was to become filthy rich, these same people will be willing to wash her feet with their tears and dry her feet with their hair. We will not only see what a difference a day makes. we will see a difference in what money can make. I do not desire no one to be around me if I have to pay them to be with me.

Divine Ancestors please allow this sister to be come so rich (monetarily) that she will be able to buy the whole Afrikan Continent.

When Justice is within us, perhaps others will show Justice towards us.

I hate what is called evil with a passion like a rottweiler chewing on a bone.

In the Seas/Oceans of destruction, when we do not know our Divine Reality we contribute to our own destruction. (Auset)

:qqb018: :qqb018: :qqb018:

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