Black Teenagers : Alabama town plans memorial to black teens

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    “Scottsboro Boys” charged with raping two white women The Associated Press -- Updated: 11:41 a.m. ET Jan. 14, 2004
    SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -

    "An Alabama town plans to erect a memorial to nine black teenagers who were charged with raping two white women in 1931 in a case that came to symbolize racial injustice in Southern courts. City and county leaders will gather Jan. 25 to place a historical marker to the “Scottsboro Boys” near the Jackson County Courthouse in northern Alabama, the first official acknowledgment by the town of the controversy surrounding the case."

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    Scottsboro Boys Museum Grand Opening: Remembrance, Prayer, & Song

    by: countrycat
    Tue Feb 02, 2010 at 13:58:11 PM CST

    (Congratulations to the volunteers who assembled this collection and raised the money to make the museum a reality. A shining example of what "ordinary citizens" can do when they work together. - promoted by countrycat)

    The Scottsboro Boys Museum and Multicultural Heritage Center in Scottsboro, AL held its grand opening and dedication service yesterday in honor of Black History Month.

    .... Two landmark Supreme Court decisions came from this case:

    These decisions established the principles that criminal defendants are entitled to effective assistance of counsel and that people may not be de facto excluded from juries because of their race.


    Another speaker was Mrs. Kathy Horton Garrett, the granddaughter of Judge James E. Horton. Judge Horton's judicial career was finished after he ordered a new trial for Haywood Patterson:

    The testimony of the prosecutrix in this case is not only uncorroborated, but it also bears on its face indications of improbability and is contradicted by other evidence, and in addition thereto the evidence greatly preponderates in favor of the defendant. It therefore becomes the duty of the Court under the law to grant the motion made in this case. It is therefore ordered and adjudged by the Court that the motion be granted; that the verdict of the jury in this case and the judgment of the Court sentencing this defendant to death be set aside and that a new trial be and the same is hereby ordered.

    Judge Horton lost his bid for re-election and was never elected to the bench again....

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