Black Poetry : Alabama Love (....Sweet Home.....)


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Jan 29, 2001
~My Grandmother, the oldest member and Matriarch of my family recently moved west to be with us...and it dawned on me that, sadly, I have no reason to go back "home" again~

I miss

the smell of red clay
after rain

jumping barefoot in
muddy puddles


my cousins and me...

rolling in tall grass
wandering through
acres & acres of old
cotton fields

hiding places...

claim to
secret spaces

in hollowed
out trees....

dipping skinny
in the "crick"....

getting bare-bottoms
whooped with the switch...

I miss

4 a.m. breakfast
before the sun

and being kissed on
my forehead
and my nose

every time Granddaddy

said good-bye

when I was 6

I thought
he'd never die...

I miss

977 N. 1st Street


Alabama love
honeysuckle sweet

Alyce (c) 2001


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001

there' no placelike home
and when u think of home
u think of a place where
love ova flowin'

lovin dis piece of home.......:D


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Aug 17, 2001
under the sun
all the beautiful memories that never leave us no matter how old we are...

the simple pleasures, the special things, places and most of all people who have been a part of your life...the wonder of being loved and knowing it...

the reason we are who we are...



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This is nice, memories of home
memories of childhood things
brings me to the phrase

"Theres no place like home"
"theres no place like home"

making you wish you can tap
them magic shoes and go back.....well done

Epiphany :heart:

Ps $Rich$, get out of my head, didn't see that until
I posted.......:eek: :lol:

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