Law Forum : Al Sharpton's Secret Work As FBI Informant


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Can someone say SNITCH?! Oh yeah! Sorry, but I never really liked Al Sharpton. He is such a loudmouth as well as annoying, amongst other things I would rather not mention.

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I stopped listening to him years ago because he's tight with one of the biggest sham artists in my local community. I won't mention the name but here's another video.


Do you believe it is true? If it is then This is their way of setting him up to be taken out. Or setting up a hit on Obama

I just read the article ... and i'm amazed ... in shock almost ... so many questions ... let's see ...

  1. how do the people who are providing this sensational information get to remain anonymous?
  2. is it normal for these snitch agencies to out their own snitches?
  3. what does this do for anyone who's snitched in the past ... make 'em :poop: on their selves ... :lol:
  4. oh gosh ... 3 aint funneee ... but dang ... talk about drama ... oh my gosh
  5. how long will it take for obama to distance himself?
  6. how long will it take for msnbc to fire him?
  7. will the mafia be look'n to kill him now?
  8. has he already increased his security entourage?
  9. is his family, children, safe?
  10. why did he put himself so in the public eye, if he had these kinds of skeletons?
  11. how can you inform on the mafia, without also being involved in illegal activity with them?
  12. for real doe ... don't they protect their snitches? ... why is he being outted like this?
  13. aren't they hurting their own "snitch intelligence" by doing this like this?

I'm just shocked at all of this. I've seen talk of Sharpton being less than savory in the past, but dang, no one was presenting evidence like this ... this is wild ... almost "made for tv" drama ... :tv1:

I don't know if it's true ... but even if it aint ... it's not look'n good for Sharpton. I do wish him well.

Thanks for sharing Brother Yeremiyah Ben Ysrayl !

Much Love and Peace.




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and the beat goes on ...

stand your ground and go to prison if you're black

if your kids got killed by somebody else standing their ground, and you complain; they can stand their ground firmer ...

say something about auschwitz and get screamed at about "disrespect", but let's make more movies depicting slavery or prisons or thugs.

she gets caught up in not paying her drug bills, and he gets the blame for the collection and all them years as the football "hero" goes straight out the window...

they can get away with "the ends justify the means", but we work at getting rid of some of the drugs in our community ...

seems like this historic presidency may got out with a real big bang ... if not nationwide lynchings!!

too bad that our party for neighborhood self-defense got such a bad/bum rap!!

they set up that effort to launch the naacp and while folks were arg .. er ... "discussing" things took advantage of the support for minorities and grabbed up control of the media and now look what they do with it .. and we can't ...

and the only music we putting out is gangsta rap?? rather, that is the music that is getting all the airplay and sales ... but see the above about media control, eh?


Do you believe it is true? If it is then This is their way of setting him up to be taken out. Or setting up a hit on Obama
In the absence of any real examination/exhumation of Sharpton’s past involvement with the FBI and the Mafia
Sharpton vehemently denies having worked as an FBI informant. He has alleged that claims of government cooperation were attempts by dark forces to stunt his aggressive brand of civil rights advocacy or, perhaps, get him killed. In his most recent book, “The Rejected Stone,” which hit best seller lists following its October 2013 publication, Sharpton claimed to have once been “set up by the government,” whose agents later leaked “false information” that “could have gotten me killed.”
And the unsubstantiated beat goes on.

Btw, I'm no Sharpton fan. Just forget the "smoke," show me the gun. :news:

the thot that lingers most with me ... is ... who does their snitches this way?

usually ... when you hear tell of someone snitching in "mainstream" fashions such as this ... they are either dead ... or in a witness protection program ... totally underground where no one can supposedly get to them

why is it happening to this man ... this way ... while he's still alive ... on tv every day?!

something seems to be amiss in da snitch program

who would ever snitch ... if they had this to be concerned about later?

this is krazee ... unbelievable almost ... has anyone else been outted so publicly for snitching ... while alive?