Black People : Al-KEM-y was the African Science of HEALING Poisoned Minds Hearts and Bodies

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    How can anyone beat up or denegrate black folks for what posts they read or do not read?

    Leadership is the capacity to HEAL and uplift

    so not even talking about discusion boards, but just dealing with our troubled youth today,

    how can anyone reach the "Big Detroit Reds" out there in every Black community in all 50 states,
    with an atitude like these so called holier then though churchianity folks
    who look down at every one who will not jump when they holla.

    Sisters and brothers are working 2 jobs each just to,
    pay the same bills and buy the same amount of groceries,
    they did,

    not last year, but in the last 6 months,

    so if they come to a website in what little free time they have,
    to read something TO RELIEVE THE STRESS

    why bug about it?

    And if the community needs healing provide healing, not the pharoahs
    hook and flail, to beat folks already opressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!