Black Poetry : Ahead of my Gain (Ready)


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Nov 9, 2019
You know what they say just get it off your chest so you can breathe so here it is and this is a dedication to those At-Risk Youth who graduates from high school and college and get stuck or guided into the pipeline from school to prison to the gravesite or a whore with bastards labeled a sess pool destroyed forever and condemned as such.

see we indigenous people
drop the ball on bread making
for every recipe made
sure enough we have a tradition made with native grains still waiting
to be sold
in a grocery store
manufactured for really though
out of our restaurants
our own snacks and drinks
time is ticking away before another business big and little hand coldly stops.

western fast food is killer
making money faster than you can believe religiously
making money disappear but seldomly giving back
knowing a scholarship here and there without real traditions and cultures brings none of the village seedings back
to be rooted and grow finitely to be exact
and as a matter of a fact western stats prove our lacking
cause we barely got our own stats to have our own backing
crazy as indigenous people reality seems..
non-profit organizations catered to specific industries which accredits businesses and provide internships for students with our own designations and stackable certifications based on the federal state and municipal laws are what we really need.

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