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    As a relative newbie to the cipher, I am a little hesitant to ‘express’ myself fully. It takes time to get to know a personality, but it appears that we are running a little late! (nothing new haha) It seems that we must ‘prepare’ for something – what exactly, I’m not sure, but as with every 'thing', it has its process. Our ‘preparation’ comes with a slight sense of urgency. I am not the most politically correct of persons, and doo not seek to step on anyone’s toes. I also recognise that sometimes people’s ‘sensitivities’ get in the way of hearing one’s intent.

    Usually I am loathe to post half formed ‘reasonings’ for they are still a little abstract, and can find no easy way of saying what I must say, it is what it is …..

    Dear Brotha Meta, we had a brief conversation and I was wondering if you could consider renaming that particular thread with something wonderfully creative (smile) as it seems it needs to be ‘covered’ so to speak. Also, you’ve mentioned Heroes. There is a brotha that produced the MaatKara series. A very good animator. If he’s not here already,……maybe you need to liaise .....

    Greetings ru2religious. Good to know that someone is already working on the concept of our own lunar calendar (smile). Have you named the months and moons yet? And you are right, it needs to be done ASAP. Now this may sounds a little odd so please bear with me because its an image I will try to describe. Two pyramids, one above the other. Point to point, like a mirror reflection. The pyramids are slightly elongated – appears longer on sides than width. This image appears to associate itself with what I called Nebula. Omowalejabli has since given the name as Ophuchi.- a 13th dimension. I have a vague recollection of an astronomical event happening in November 2006 (think) A Merkaba – which is the star of David, also known as a vehicle for transportation. I’m not an astronomer but I think it was called the harmonic concordance. Perhaps Brotha Omowale can enlighten … (Bro Omowale if you read this, I will indeed get in touch with Bro Kwabena).

    I’m gonna try and describe another image. Take a square and make a grid. Equal on all sides. Within this grid place the two pyramid image mention above inside vertically. Place another two pyramid image horizontally remembering that these pyramids are slightly tapered. Now it gets tricky. Numbers, letters and deities (Symbols) are sprinkled throughout this grid and down the sides. Something about Pythagorous and ‘extremities’ are connected to it. This is a language, a 'sacred' language. I’m not a mathematician and don’t know what to do with this. It may mean something more to someone else…..

    For my Sistren, please do not be shy to step forward. Your energies are needed, and there are some flowers on the table (smile).

    And to whom it may concern ….. Ifa dem want fi symbol, we a go symbol dem Raatid hole!! :whip:

    Humbly and respectfully

    <needs a cuppa tea :qqb018: