Black People : Age of Narcissism

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    Narcissus was so fond of himself that the whole world around him changed without his knowledge of it, can you imagine being like that? With the use of crack, heroin, and ecstacy, etc we can all achieve this state of being. Infact, it is so desired that we can now be prescribed them by a doctor dealing in the art of psychiatry, while we are told that these "medicines" are suppose to make your "self" much better than before. The word narcotics I believe is gotten from the Greek myth of Narcissus, happiness is only a pill or a hit away. These things are only achieved in vain, which means they aren't long lasting, and only helps make users to become dependents. Too much emphasis on self can truly make you a slave.

    To the "white" man the way in which he uses his power is in his interpretation a reflection of his self, as long as he can do what he wants, when he wants, the whole world can go on hating him, without his knowledge of such. By us being one of the main people on the receiving end of this power he possesses, we too become a part of that reflection, in turn only serving in this world as a part of his alter ego. Nobody exists that is worth living but himself.

    The "white" man has made himself a slave to his own image.
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