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    THE AGE OF JESUS: His birth & Death certificate

    By Andre Austin

    The Jews told Jesus:

    “You are not yet 50 years old” (John 8:57)

    Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ was a title not a person and with the process of elimination we will see the candidates for this title:

    1. Vespasian born 9AD and died 79AD 70 years old (The Return of the Wasp Exodus 23:28 &Joshua 24:12 The Wasp comes against Israel then allows Titus to take over).Also consistent with his mother phrase of him “Your brother’s footman”-a person in front to clear the way.

    2. Titus Born 41AD dies in 81AD at age 41 (descent of virginVenus Matthew 1:23)

    3. Domitian Born 51AD and dies in 96AD at age of 45 (Lucifer/Morning star Rev 22:16)

    4. Literary fictional Character Jesus born 6BC or 6AD dies in 33AD age between 27-39

    The New Testament claims Herod was seeking Jesus death and other infants 2 years and younger. Herod dies in 4BC so the inference Jesus was born in 6BC (Matthew 3:14).

    However Luke claim Quirinius was seeking a Census requiring Jesus family to register (Luke 2:1-5) and this historical event was in 6AD. By the way Census taking was a sin and caused David to be first linked with the word Satan.

    If the bible was truly in reference to the Literary Character Jesus Christ it would have said you are not yet 30 or 40 and not 50.

    The literary character Jesus Christ was said up just to prophesized the coming of the “Son of Man” who would encircle Jerusalem (Luke 19:43-45) with a wall and raze their Temple which was done in 70AD by Titus who dies at the age of 41 and he was “not yet 50” (John 8:57). And when Paul starts to write and Revelation they transfer the Title to Domitian when he seizes the throne in 81AD.

    This is just one of many ways the Romans grafted themselves into the Jewish Tree tricking the masses into unwittingly worshiping them