Black Poetry : Against All Odds

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Feb 13, 2003
I have nothing to say or is it that I don’t want my voice to be heard?
There was a moment when I relied on internal spoken words and consciously
reacted to a small voice that needed to be heard…
There were abandoned moments in my life when I heard nothing and my mind had
become silent,
So I began to walk out this trial , alone, I thought, giving satan a run for his torch as I got caught up in the wrath….incapable to demise the anguish behind the cuts, wounded my satan’s lash
“ I….my mind….my mind…to love of the world was I sooo confined? Intellectually incapable to say, ‘ you have done all you can, God has a master plan…you have done all you can. You feel, you envision, you are wrestling against flesh and blood, but hold back your hand ‘cause God has a master plan.”
In the end there would be no other soul or man that will see me over to God’s Promised Land.
Yes, God…I mean to come against Buddha, Confucius, and Hindu…
For, no other god nor religion is going to save you.
At least it didn’t save my soul and mind from what I had gone through…

I had to walk through desert storms,, nearly drowning pleading I’ll stay sane…
Climbed rocky mountains, never reaching it’s plateau
The higher I reached my goal, the higher the peak became…
As I reached my hand one last time above my head I was attacked by Satan’s infantry.
My mind went blank like where is my Lord…”My Lord…many of us say my Lord after Satan’ has got a grasp so tight on us that only God can free us from his clenches…”
The Lord is with me thy rod and thy staff comforts me…thou has…
What happened to the table God wanted to prepare?
I went my own way, deserted his will, and now I’m living in despair.
God’s plan is still there, still exist, but if I stay too long gone will time permit his plan to go into effect?

From hereon my mind, spirit and soul would I sell to my Emmanuel…See let me tell, or better yet, expose the truth: God delivered me and told the devil to flea….I’m a child of God, and a soldier of his army.


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