Black People : After You Get Here It Is All On You And Not God!!!


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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
After You Get Here It Is All On You And Not God!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I Will Share This Divine Truth About God With You, Accept Or Reject, It's On You!!!

Listen Up!!!

Black Woman And Man, It Is Your Responsibility To Use The Power Of God To Aid And Protect You And Not God Responsibility To Use Its Power To Aid And Protect You.

Stop the lies we tell about God, God does not belong to your egotistic fraternity of living, its characteristics are not based on no aspect of your physical living decision making concerning your living performance.

After your incubation period and you get here all that you do is on you and those who take care of you, making decisions for you, God does not involve its presence to comingle with yours, that is why you come with a freedom of choice which clear God from being used as an excuse for the excuse you make and the things you want and do not have, all of that is on you, beloved.

That racist lying deceiving prejudice Luciferian human Being have you believe that what you do is a responsibility of God to either Grant or deny, to either reward or punish, to bless or curse you when in fact your living condition is all about you and is on you in the way you live making decisions for your self.

The Divine Essence, God, it is not beholden to you its existence is infinitely beyond you and there is nothing we do that impress God or affect God, it judges you not it is your responsibility to judge your self for whatever you do, has no effect on God but **** well affect you and all connected to you.

The Divine Truth, Black Folks despise the Divine Truth in favor of the profane Lies made to be believed is true, that is what exonerate you in your profane mind for the evil that you do to you by not taking good care of your self, which is not God responsibility but your very own while living life.

God has no responsibility to hang-out with you it does not need to discover who you are, such a privilege is yours to know what God is and it is the Divine Essence, God, it already know who you are, mind and spirit, such biology effect not the presence of God, for all there is, God is aware of, not by mind but by its mere presence being affected by none.

You wrap your believing mind up in fashion and fads, things that come and go on the Social economic political and religious level of your living experiences, yet, you pretend as if God is involved in all that you do and all that you need to do and when your action is unacceptable to you maintaining your Divinity, all you have to do is to ask God to forgive you and all is well with you, such be the mental game you play regarding God and you not realizing that God plays no game period, and God neither Bless or curse, reward or punish, all such affection regarding living, is on you and not God, beloved.

God has no responsibility to you, and you have no responsibility to God which God Command nor Demand none, all of your responsibility belongs to you and all who your action affects, beloved.

All the days of your Human Being Living have been fashioned in Lies and deception, you lie and cheat, steal and pretend to give, doing so with an expectation of something in return and you attempt to include God in such egotistic selfish game, placing responsibility on God for what you do by making a claim that God is in the forgiving and blessing game, which is a sure sign you know not what the Divine Essence, God Is!!!

I count not myself to have comprehended for one thing I do know is God Bless not and condemn not, it is beyond the frailty of physical living Beings that comes with the ability to freely make choices for self to abide by or ignore to violate which harm not God but the self doing the choosing.

There is no religion qualified to approach God, it is the minor league of Mental activity in regard to God, which God responds not to the religious belief created by that satanic devilish spiritual expression of that racist lying deceiving Luciferian Prejudice Human Being.

There is nothing that you do that have God to be responsible for what you do or to become involved in what you do all involvement is on you to get to know what God Is and when you do, then you will know that all that you do is on you and not God.

You live of your life what you choose and God interferes not, but that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being does, that is who you now give all of your Mental power too, beloved, so your living condition is on you and not the Divine Essence, God Of All Things in motion and appear not to be in motion but is.

Freedom, when confined, is your rescuer and today the Black Afrikan Mind is confined, under arrest by that racist Lucifer Human Being character, freedom for the Black Afrikans and Afrika is wrapped up in the Debt of Reparation/Repatriation America and her surrogates in Crime committed against Black Afrikan People, crime of Chattel Slavery, the key to unlock the chain confining Black Afrikan people are to make plan to organize a Reparation/Repatriation Campaign that will cause the Gates of Hellish confinement to swing open that will cause the Liberation of a long confined Black Afrikan Nation, beloved.

It Is Time For The Black Afrikan To Live Life In Divine Reality And Escape The Profane Lies That Confine The Mind Of Black Folks, locked up in religion!!!

Divine Respect

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