Black People : After Katrina, Flint, and now Alabama, maybe its time to restore Garvey's Black Cross EMS


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Nov 18, 2016
Long time no hear bientempo. I don't think Ndugu was referring to a global as much as a national Black EMS system but I would have to reread all his post to clarify that. Either way the DR wouldn't need to participate because your stand alone EMS system is top notch. I've had many a conversation with EMT's and Medics who worked in the DR EMS system before they immigrated to NYC and worked in NYC-EMS, various private services and community volunteers corps. I really want to address Ndugu's take on a national Black EMS system but due to time constraints I'll have to post the results of my research later tonight. I do have time to familiarize those not in the profession with the long struggle and eventual successes of progressive EMS services in The Caribbean Basin, one of which the DR is one of the top notch organizations today considering budgetary constraints.

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But how do they handle the "Africans " down there ? I say Africans cause as the first Black nation to fight for independence they should have been allowed membership to the AU


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Oct 11, 2009
Dominican Republic
The fact that Haiti was not allowed membership in the Africa Union you should take up with the African Union nothing to do with the Dominican Republic.
As an exercise ask a Haitian on the island if they are Haitian or African.

As far as their statelessness that is a non starter as they were never citizens therefore nothing was stripped. We did offer a regularization program an the main roadblock was the fact that Haiti would not or could not issue documentation to their citizens. With such excuses as we don't have paper to generate the ID's or passports using that logic they are undocumented in their own country.

Neither the Dominican Republic or Haiti have birthright Citizenship, unlike the USA. As a matter of fact most countries do not have Birthright Citizenship. Only about 30 countries have birthright citizenship and almost all have some restrictions to it.

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