Black People : After Katrina, Flint, and now Alabama, maybe its time to restore Garvey's Black Cross EMS

Passion without even the wisdom enough to stop and listen though?
Indelicate it might have been but it had to be said.

You want to debate me about something then lets debate!
Now why would I want to debate some one that knows it all?
Now why would I want to debate some one that knows so much even questions are met with hubris?
Why would I want to debate some one that gets all upset about even friendly advice?
Why would I want to debate some one that has been every where throughout time, knows all the important people and broaches nothing but bows before them and by extension himself?

Nah thanks, but I'll pass on that lovely opportunity.
Before I leave I've just thought of a bit advise I think might be apt, it's from a famous composer made after he tired of the audience interruptions of applause after various passages in his new piece. (I think the story goes but you can look it up if you like)
Stopping in the middle of the composition he turned to the audience and said, "the important part is listening to the silence between the notes".
Due to not being American. I did not realize that there were 4 billion that he was indicating that could played into paying into this Black EMS. I am saying that many of the people living outside the the USA do in fact have EMS and 911 facilities within their own country and just might not be willing to put pennies into a system that from all intents and purposes be set up for the USA. I see no reason for other countries to pay into something like this or why they would even want to.

His title says it all Katrina Harvey Flint Alabama. Think we will fund our own and the USA can do whatever they want but leave us out of it.
Symbol this is where I got the idea he was talking international,

Did you read what I suggested?? Did I say anything about stoping gobal warming or did I say we should pool our litle nickles and dimes globally and create a International Black Emergency network

we have enough money, communications technology and medical and rescue and recovery experts to put a Black Cross, international EMS into effect!
As Global Warming has been effecting all Black communities around the world

we still need an international EMS, by now


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