Black People : After Katrina, Flint, and now Alabama, maybe its time to restore Garvey's Black Cross EMS


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Nov 18, 2016
Garvey worked on a Black Cross EMS service 100 years,

ago, however 2019, we have the technology, and economics , to actually create a National Black Cross, EMS service,
so that our people from state to state wont have to wait for the foot dragging, of
Federal and State Administrations ,
especially in lieu of these times , of Global Warming and at times upredictably , harsh weather,
effecting Black communities, nationally.
The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was working on such a project, before they were decimated , by COINTELPRO

Such a program, would cost no more then 25 cents per month, from 30 million of us !

With an elected Grassroots , rotating committee, repping the 50 states, to be an oversight committee, to make sure funds are spent properly
If I may say something here.
While playing with semantics is one my lest favorite things to do, I think the distinction here is worth noting. There is nothing absolutely nothing we can do in lieu of global warming. In lieu of global warming we can say climate change, we can say the on going anthropocene or the maybe the great dying gets the point across but there is nothing to do in lieu (or in place of) what is, without question, going to get much worse.


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