Black Poetry : After I Saved You...

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    Gregory Porter WolfCry

    I hear this song, and it speaks volumes. How Ive always found beauty in flowers that was on the brink of dying. I brought sunlight. Changed the soil to rich fertilizer. I shared the right amount of water and picked off all the dead leaves. And with gentle hands and I gave an abundance of love to bring them back to life….

    And I’m here
    Shoulders sunken
    Covered in my own tears
    This is sorrow Im feeling
    And I’ve been feeling this for years
    Wondering who will save me
    Who will come a breathe life back into me
    And I pray
    On my knees everyday
    Cause I keep hearing Its going to be ok
    But right now Im Just feeling some type of way
    In my feelings as they say
    But I have been broken so many times that I’m to the point where I don’t even want to pick up the pieces
    Cause maybe if I don’t pick them up is feeling will release
    And yet still I cry
    Trying to hide this in and not knowing why
    Why did i keep going back
    Why’d I even try
    Sometimes this feeling drives me to wishing this life would end
    And i would just die
    And that is not a lie
    But I pray
    Pray for the strength just to make it through the day
    That my voice doesn’t break when I lie and say Im ok
    The mask i wear,
    Practicing the thing i say
    Praying that I grow through
    While I go through
    And It just not fair
    Bending but not breaking to show others that you care
    Just so that when you need them the most
    Like always
    No ones there
    I’m just tired of feeling hurt
    Tired of trusting with my heart just to have it tossed in the dirt
    Giving my all to someone who doesn’t see my value
    Or my worth
    Rebuilding the broken
    Ive been speaking words of love that have been unspoken
    Just to have My heart ripped form my chest and stomped on
    Right before my eyes
    You probably thin I’m joking
    After I saved you
    This is how you do
    To someone who’s love was true
    Doctors see other doctors
    Even Lawyers hire other Lawyers
    And Im here with my patches on the table
    Gluing back the pieces of my heart
    Im trying, but i don’t think i’m able
    I need help, but you don’t hear me
    I need you here, but your no where near me
    No where me to turn
    Whining i could go back but those bridges have already burned
    But this too shall pass
    Just praying the next is nothing like the last
    Today like everything else in life will come to a end
    And Im in need of a shoulder
    Someone whom i can depend
    But right now
    Most of all
    At this very moment
    I could really use a friend.
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    ONLY A WOMAN.. Can heal.
    Only a woman can change
    Only a woman can help a broken man.

    A relationship doesn't exist if she doesn't want one.
    All the kings horses and all of his men. Fruitless.
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    Meant to be. You did that!!