Black Spirituality Religion : after further analysis I can say that Sebai Maa ~ Ra Un Nefer Amen

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    Sebai Maa may not have the Akan type networking and municipality placement going
    for him, but after further review of some of his scholarly research, in particular, his
    book "Egypt and India, the Origin of Hinduism, Yoga, Buddhism and Dharma" I can
    definitely say that Sebai Maa / Dr. Muata Ashby is NO SLOUCH and is very
    competent and maybe even more so than Ra Un Nefer Amen on the historicity tip.

    May depart of ways so to speak, when it concerns Amen or Maa, is there insistence
    to use Religion, dejection of the Super Ego by advocating a Mystery God even in the
    midst of Heroistic / Heru-istic psychiatry, and dependence on such fallacious concepts
    such as "reincarnation" and "astro logic / astrology" (Maa and astrology, no so much).
    I had a chance to do the knowledge to a religious function performed by the
    Shetuat Neter temple, and the convener was thorough in terms of using ALL
    MDW NTR speech and writing during the whole observance. They even did a brief
    kundalini exercise before the service.

    Amen happened to have given a a few days before
    covering the topic of venerating the ancestors, and showing and proving that it was
    a strict and thorough process, and not just any tom dick jane or sally was
    venerated, unless it had been recorded and shown by witnesses that they upheld
    a high moral and life science character. The only argument I couldn't get with was his
    supposition of the Mystery Spook God, by advocating that "innocent children" who
    get killed by plague, malady, war or disease, just basically get to "reincarnate" and
    otherwise what's the point of them dying if they don't get "another chance" THEREFORE
    my Mystery God concept exists (smh). To me that's a cop out and in a way devaluates
    the actual VALUE of human life as well as the life of Man, by advocating this second
    multiple chance reincarnation philosophy.

    I also did some discussions between the two groups in terms of their perspectives
    of the PSDJT NTRW or the "Ennead" "Great 9/10/11" "Tree of Life" schematics for
    the arrangement and usage of NTRW in each respective system. I have not
    come across in any of the traditional literature from the HPY river valley the
    arrangement that Amen devised in 1973 in terms of Amen, Ausar, Tehuti, Seker-t, Ma'at
    Heru Khuti, Heru, Het Heru, Sobek, Auset, and Geb. I have come across the particular
    list of monarchs in the Old Kingdom that came in the name of Shekem, which is
    is the title Amen and some of his supplemental auxilary kings use. I suppose I will
    have to check some of these Old Kingdom records of those particular Shekem
    monarchs to see if they ever used this arrangement for their solar barque or
    "tree of life". Amen says he didn't just derive it from one of his ancestoral meditations
    (which to me means, he is saying he didn't just "make it up"). He says check the
    Pyramid Texts, PRT M HRW, The Book of Gates, and the Book of the Am-Duat for
    references to "HIS" version of the Tree of Life. I do see that Maa's version is straight
    out of Anunian/Heliopolis Theology in terms of Ra, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Ausar,
    Auset, Set, Neb Het. Bro. Amen says that the Anu Tree is only reserved for
    "Nebercher" The Supreme Being "Mystery God" that he and Maa and other
    Nile Valley proponants advocate as the surpreme "trancendental" Mystery God. To
    Bro. Amen, this means that the Anu Tree is not applicable to "people". I disagree, since
    to me, People are the Supreme Being, and all those elements in the Anu Tree
    (NOT NO **** SUMERIAN ANNUNAKI EITHER) are just fundamental Physical and Life
    Elements, Light/Fire/Plasma, Gas, Liquid, Solid, Vacuum, Man, Woman, Fauna, Flora.
    Anyway, if anybody has seen the group of NTR / Neter that Ra Un Nefer Amen uses
    in any of the classical literature in one grouping, please let me know what book or
    passage it was in.

    The other thing that kinda made me frown was the Shetuat Neter religious ritual
    with the alter and a canvas of Ra and Ma'at with the Cipher/Circle Dot in the middle
    to also represent Ra, and the people was prostrating and bowing to it
    Then the dude gave the lecture about how Ra and Heru is "you" and that they are
    bowing to themselves. That kind of thinking always urked me. Why in the hell
    is you making excuses for subservient behavior by claiming that the objects you
    prostrating to are "your self", or that you are "worshiping yourself". That's the
    dumbest *** concept I ever heard of, but oh well, it was a religious activity, so you
    got to acknowledge for what it is, religion

    Otherwise, these two groups are doing some fairly serious work and preserving
    HPY (Nile) valley culture in the black community, and incorporating holistic practices
    associated with it, as well as supplementary holistic practices from related sources
    and ways of life.

    Anyway, that is my analysis for now. Peace, HTP, HTPW, HNKH WDJT SNB, and Bye Knee Grah
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    I agree

    Metu Neter !
    Metu Neter II
    Ma'at: 11 Laws of God are all noteworthy.

    I have a copy of The Book of Coming Forth by Dr. Ashby. I consider his works rather sacred and although I may decribe a name or two here and here ~ I refuse to cite whole passages from his book ...!

    You are right Dr. Ashby is on top of his game. His expertise seems to be yoga..:qqb014:

    Nice post!
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    Interesting analysis in keeping with your adopted frame of reference.

    I have both Authors info as well ....interesting analysis.
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    Don't Ask
    Metro ATL
    I, too, have studied both authors, both men have a lot of good information to We need to be mindful that no one person can be an authority on everything. We all have our likes and predilections, things we are going to be better at than others.