Black People : After discovering chemtrails; one year later

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    It's nearing the first anniversary of my discovery of chemtrails. It was September 25, 2015 I remember standing in my son's bedroom looking out at early autumn night sky. It was clear and
    a beautiful, a full moon hung in the eastern sky. The stars were sparkling and bright. All of a sudden my attention went to the near south portion of the skies;

    There it was a jet with a long exhaust trail behind what was unusual about this tail it didn't scatter and disappear like the tails of military and passenger jets. It started widening. Soon another jet joined in and it's tail widened these streaks slowly widened across the sky until about 3 hours later
    the moon was muted behind hazed clouds.

    I was so astounded by this. I tried to inform my husband and daughter but they both were indifferent. Since that night nearly a year ago I have watched the skies and after a few months
    I patterned the time the jets would arrive to "pound" the skies. Usually around the 20th of each month they come more frequently. When they do if the day starts out sunny and clear you can bet
    it won't end that way

    How I define clear in 2016 isn't like the "clear blue skies" I knew as a child. Now the skies have a
    milky blue color to them. To see the heavenly blue skies again means going to google Yahoo or Bing images and typing in blue skies 1979. They don't exist in our region anymore.

    I have learned or the past 12 months the ingredients in chemtrails are, barium, nano aluminum -coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, cadmium chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal, mycotoxins ethylene dibromide and polymer fibers. It is the aluminum presence that many are saying is responsible for the increase of autism and alzheimers disease.

    I also learned chemtrails are used to help offset the effects of global warming but they are only making matters worse like extreme weather patterns occurring on a global scale

    The world is aswirl with trouble and it takes a super spirit to live in these times'
    I do so hope that a few of you will take time to learn about chemtrails and it's impact
    on humanity. You may be saying this is the white man problem let him handle it. Well look at it this way. If the captain of a ship blows a hole in his ship when it starts to sink you will go down with the captain

    Being black isn't going to save us from disaster.

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