Black People : After all the Lives Lost/ Why give up on Politics Now

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    Nothing would make white supremists more hapy then to see most of usjust give up,
    regarding the process of using political andvoting strategy, for our intersts.

    After all the beatings Fannie Lou Hamer went through what would she,
    or Dr King, or Medgar Evers have to say about,
    folks today saying;
    "Oh the system is corrupt, it is their system why bother"

    After getting out and prtesting an speaking out about a democrat presdent trying to be conservative,
    much wasachieved and established to get us where we are today

    They didn't say "Oh if Johnson passed this bill for us or signed that legislature in our interest, he might wind up like Kennedy

    No they went out and got thins done from a public servant whose salary
    they paid for with their tax dollars

    Bobby Seale, H Rap Brown Kwame Ture and H Rap Brown,
    did not make excuses or rationalizations for 'the system", "the esablishment" or Nixon's behavior,
    which they could have,
    instead they spoke out so hard and raised so much hell and inspired,
    inner city and college youth,
    that Nixon had to sign affirmative action as Federal Law