Haiti : After 2 Years Haitians, Defrauded of the Billions in Earthquake relief Aid


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May 7, 2011
It's a White boy game that should not be entertained.

Then why did you buy into the "White boy's" game by calling a subset of people Americans while excluding the rest?

I think you buy into the "White boy's" game more than you realize :).

This is called projection. In actuality, you are the consumer of the "White boy's" game patently evident in your "you Americans" comment.

ABSiblings said:
For the most part, it's a false division that makes three separate Americas seeing how the only (geographical) America are the two continents combined; nevertheless, in the English language "America" is a synecdoche for the U.S. [meaning its the utmost ignorance to quibble over it]. And context clues were sufficient seeing how the only other "American" would be the racial group of quasi-indigenous Asians; who would then be called "Native Americans." So truly Shikamaru bit off more than he could chew and he bit it off for objectionable reasons--just to be contentious and distracting [Like a European would.]

I understand you are upset and frustrated. Exposure can be disconcerting.

Again, patently evident in your posts and ad hominem attacks.

At least with this portion, you've begun to attack my position and not the speaker.

ABSiblings said:
Some of our people take up the mannerisms of Europeans where they are 'picky' and 'quasi-political' but truly only 'distracting.'

And you bought into the Europeans belief that Americans means only US citizens.
Is this not the pot calling the kettle black?

ABSiblings said:
Why should a conversation on the abuses suffered by our siblings in Haiti fall into a discussion on the different "Americas" and the supremacy of the American English language which--according to its dictionary--allows "American" to mean what I meant.

This began of a simple question which you did not answer.
You didn't answer because you recognized your bias.

ABSiblings said:
Shikamaru needs to focus his politics; and not take up meaningless battles against the English language: especially when that battle has nothing to do with our liberation as a people.

I have a counter-offer.

North, South, or Central America ... which one are you referring to?

You can rest assured my politics are deeper and broader than you can fathom.
Perhaps it is too much for you which is why you suggest a focusing rather than being able to do either focusing or broadening at will.

If this is a "meaningless battle" as you put it, I suggest disengaging. No use chewing up your resources, right?


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May 7, 2011
You have no politics if you can not focus on the issue at hand.

That's your opinion.

Its nice to know you have one and that you are willing to share it. Thanks for sharing :).

ABSiblings said:
Then you're just a coffee shop Philosopher.

I'm more of a tea house philosopher given my preference for green tea with honey.

Tisk, tisk .... yet another ad hominem.

Attack my position, not me :).

So far, the majority of your posts have been composed of the latter.

I thought you were done?

ABSiblings said:
I'm done.

If I want to talk with a White person, I'll talk with a White person.


When one says one thing and does another, that is hypocrisy.
A practitioner of hypocrisy is a hypocrite.


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Oct 11, 2009
Dominican Republic
Now would be a good time for a prayer for Haiti. As Hurricane Matthew gets ready to roll over them. If it stays at current strength will be lots of mud slides and flooding some places could get up to 30 inches of rain and with little vegetation to hold things in place along with the number of people still living in tents since the earthquake.

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