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    Keeping it short and simple! We implore or readers and radio supporters to stop by at the usual Afronerd time (Sunday at 7pm-eastern) and on the usual Afronerd channel, and please do call in with your opinions/questions. A previous guest and supporter, Nikia Phoenix stops by to talk about her career, trials and tribulations in the modeling industry. And for this extended broadcast, Mr. Starks and Dburt will discuss the following: our personal post inaugural angst (i.e. the "My President is Black" mantra and other lower tier battle cries); Is President Obama our Commander in Chief or has he become a pop culture symbol?; the infamous Drunken Negro Face Cookies as well as our usual ruminations on this past week's current events. So join us once again as we pick apart today's topics in or usual inimitable fashion.....onward and upward-Imperius Rex!

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