Chief Elder Osiris : AfroDescendants Have Been Conditioned To Deny Afrika

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well now by dear beloved, it is the AfroDescendants in america I speak of ,
    who has been so conditioned to deny affiliation , not along an obligation to

    The mind set of the AfroDescendants in america has been so conditioned to
    love these United States of america and hate their mother Land Afrika, as a
    matter of fact we have no thought of connection to Afrika, other than hear
    say and talk, most certainly not Spiritual, which demand an acceptable
    behavior toward our Mother Land Afrika, which formulate a desire to see her
    free again and united.

    Here is the appalling truth about us AfroDescendants in america, our mind
    has been tampered with to the extent we no longer think for ourselves and
    the tampering was in fact to blind side us to the extent we no longer are
    able to accept Afrika in a positive thought, just a past wonderment, without
    emotional connection.

    The Black Woman and Man has a love fest with america, to the extent we
    rather live and strive on hope, as we cry for a better life in america, than
    to acknowledge truthfully our obligation and biological connection to a
    Continent that we no longer have nor do we show any love for, I speak of
    none other than Mother Afrika.

    We Black Folks rather love a step mother that have shown nothing but
    contempt toward us. Even as we are treated without compassion, love, nor
    respect, the Black love for our adopted mother, america, is loyal and
    without self pride and is unconditional.

    We choose to love a mother that do not love us back and only allow the
    emotion of hope and a desire for a better life in america, with no guarantee
    of Justice and freedom of choice to comfort us Black people in america, whom
    many now call ourselves Afrikan americans,which is an insult to Afrika and a
    contradiction in term as well.

    In america, we the children of the middle passage, we rather injustice than
    Justice,we rather a lie than the Truth about our status and opportunity in
    america and we choose to deny Afrika and embrace america,a step mother who
    has a stinging record of imposing evil in the form of prejudice racism,
    laced with injustice upon the AfroDescendants in america, who are off
    springs of those, our mother and father, who was in fact brought over to
    this we call america, bounded in chains, treated less than the animals were
    and are treated by the Slave enforcers.

    Yet we Black Folks rather lie about what it is we must do to receive the
    respect of our Hue-Man Rights, Justice and the sovereignty of our life.

    We choose to lie to ourselves as well as to our children, that such
    principals of freedom and independence can be achieved here under the
    command of a step mother who share no common bond with us Black Folks and
    most certainly love and respect is no where to be founded in the action of a
    step mother who has taught us to hate our natural mother, Afrika, as our
    Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors scream out in opposition to our act of denialof
    mother Afrika, as america show no shame to what she did to our mothers and

    Reparation is our Ark, which will sail us back to our natural mother, Afrika
    and a Nation State we are entitled to, from the Blood, Sweat, Pain and tears
    our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors suffered and endured,so that we may make such
    a demand in their behalf.

    As The Honorable Marcus Garvey So Proclaimed, Afrika Is For The Afrikan and
    there is only One God, One Aim And One Destiny for the Afrodescendants in
    the Diaspora,by way of the middle passage and that is Afrika!!!

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    I am so there with you my Brother. Although it is a sadly slow process, we are looking to our Mother more and more everyday.

    The white media, demonizes Our Mother Afraka so, that our people only think of AIDs, war, and poverty. Although the poverty may be true in terms it not having trillions of dollars, SUVs, BET, MTV, gay marrige, Sex in the City; it is rich with spirituality, organic fertile farms, simple life, clean air, warm weather, and the beautiful faces of our beautiful people to mention a few.

    My friends and I are in the process of creating a website that that will show our people the positive things that are happening in AFraka. This is intended to dispel the myths and show our people that Afraka has peaceful nations that want us to live and help to build her infrastructure.

    Me and my family will be moving there in couple of years. There is a group of us that intend to create infrastructure that will be a positive force for our people.

    It is our time to rise. May God and the Ancestors bless us to do it as quickly as possible. Thank you for all of your insightful loving words.

    Hotep, Jama ak Jama, Peace
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    indeed i agree as we take steps home to accept the truth of motherland