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    Surveying the canvas of her body I peeped a visual curiosity
    A question to be answered by a curious reciprocity
    Far from an atrocity would this experience be as she revealed more of herself
    And she became more interesting like a coveted library book on the shelf
    She had a curious covering … very soft to the touch
    It was curious to me because it was more than usual, as such
    But it was as natural as the Spaniard speaking Spanish and the Dane speaking Dutch
    And it was a part of her that I came to enjoy, very much
    Where others have a garden, hers was jungle brush
    Thick like the rain forest canopy … and just as lush
    A place to get lost in, in the context of human interaction
    Accentuating an experience of licentious, carnal satisfaction
    I’m not going to mince words, or take the route of verbal abatement
    To say that she had a hairy ***** would be a gross understatement
    Her bush was full like a crowded auditoriums back row
    Her bikini line was full of hair … girlfriend had an afro

    She had an afro nestled between her thighs
    It was well picked and bushy … much to my surprise
    It was pronounced and prominent with no two ways to disguise
    When she removed her panties … I couldn’t believe me eyes
    It was this wonderful bunch of hair with which I’d pat and play
    Covering a particular part of her anatomy with which I’d have my way
    And much like the movement of the sun causing a shade shift
    The movement and squirming of her body assured me that she wanted to be played with
    I touched her ***** as she invited me to explore
    Giving me the go ahead to probe and do more -
    Of what comes naturally when a naked man and woman get together
    And are eventually joined in what I’d like to call a coital tether
    She verbalized how it was that she wanted the intensity of the labial/**** strumming
    She wiggled and writhed on her back as it was her ***** was humming
    The digital stimulus given to her was responsive … far from numbing
    And it wasn’t long before she uttered the words “I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming”

    She had an afro between her legs and it was something to be seen
    She kept it washed and shampooed … she kept her afro clean
    She told me that she named her pretty kitty, Angela Davis
    She had so much hair down there, it was no surprise to hear her say this
    In the foreground, amidst the backdrop of a body desired
    Her afro stood out bold and proud, crowning a ***** that was awe inspired
    With her navel in the upper latitude … in proximity upwards of her lair
    Her mane was situated between knuckle biting sexy hips, it was a true canopy of hair
    Her shag was so full, it was just a natural eclipse
    Veiling the view of awaiting, puckering lips
    Clasped tight, ready for my fingers to rub through
    Anxious labium waiting to be kissed and made love to
    Soft and cool to the touch was her hairy shaggy sheath
    That hid from view a treasure that was moist underneath
    As she guided my fingers to places of interest that would bring her to cum
    Once there, like the wand to the violin string, I’d stroke and I’d strum

    Baby girl had an afro that was as serene as summertime shade under a willow
    I swear, I put a handkerchief on her pubic patch and it felt just like a pillow
    A cushion to rest y head on, on the front of this sexy miss
    Before I unveiled her girlish gap and proceeded to give her a kiss
    With the sweep of the hand I brushed her pubic hairs back
    Exposing full cuntal calamity … her anxious nick-knack
    As she strummed the rose petals of her crinkled labium, a precursor she prefers
    Gently pinching the hood that covers her clitoris, waiting for my lips to meet hers
    The walls were the only witnesses that could say that they seen us
    As I fully engaged her ***** in an act of cunnilingus
    As I took my suck, my slurp, my sip – I savored her *****’s sweetness
    Touching places in her cavity with my tongue proved to be on her her *****’s weakness
    It got so good that she grabbed the back of my head, then started to **** my face
    Caught in the rip that I didn’t want to be released from , I found myself in a place
    Where my mouth was being repeatedly greeted as a result of various sexual fits
    And like the peeling of the juiciest of oranges, her ***** erupted in a spriz

    Girlfriend had an afro that was just as plush as it could be
    That already added to the feel of ******* her, on a list complete from A to Z
    That I found to be an accessory to an erogenous affair that couldn’t be cloned
    She used her afro to make having sex, an experience that she owned
    Pushing me to the bed in actions that went at a quick pace
    She made quick worked of straddling my chin and sat on my face
    And as she did, her ***** touched my lips and I tasted true
    And the smell that hit my nostrils was that of summers eve and shampoo
    Her afro swept my face like a broom sweeps a floor
    And like a hungry man eating an orange, I ate ***** galore
    And the more I ate, she spanned the spectrum of her sexual gamut
    And exclaimed in a boisterous ecstatic sigh “I’m about to cum, **** it!”
    And when she did, she glazed my face with feminine ejaculate
    Orgasmic juices that flowed in a manner neither pristine nor immaculate
    Now stained with the fluids of a satisfied ****
    She rested the motion of her sweeping afro as she pulsed from her warm, wet front

    My baby had an afro between her legs, and that’s no myth
    This provided my fingers with something else to play with
    In addition to the digital stimulation she allowed me to give her, here and there
    When I wasn’t stroking her lips … I was playing in her hair
    This wasn’t a mindless finger **** or a simple masturbative gesture
    This was a manipulative event of foreplay of which certain reactions, I pressed her
    The likes of polishing her clitoris made her hips dip and rise
    She urgently urged me to continue to stimulate her, between her thighs
    I pressed my middle finger on the knobby part of her cervix – known as the G-spot
    With my thumb swirling her clitoris, I had control of her twat
    I was working a two finger stimulus on – and in – her anxious, yearning pet
    So much so that she popped and got my fingers wet
    Brushing my fingers on her afro until they were dry
    I would echo a repeat performance, to again make her ***** cry
    Swirling, rubbing and pressing, sending her libido on a wild ride
    Priming the urge in her to open up herself and want me to be inside

    My boo had an afro, that in the 1970’s would have made the grade
    So full and volumous … it gave her ‘sun-shinny’ places shade
    A thicket of dense follicle overgrowth that carried a shampoos perfume
    A luxuriant lush covering that adorned the front of her womb
    It was quite a sight to behold … I must admit
    I tried to look away but my curiosity wouldn’t quit
    So pronounced was her afro, its growth was over-zealous
    So opulent and so plush was her afro it would’ve made the Jackson 5 jealous
    Like a plush stuffed animal she was fuzzy to the nth degree
    She was fluffy and furry … she was naked and free
    Bearing her bearded clam for my eyes to see
    With her shag carpet as the centerpiece that shrouded her cavity
    Before engaging her ***** I gave her afro a pat
    Then I started petting it as I would a pet kitty cat
    Stroking her pubic afro puff as she laid in recline
    With legs open, showing her door way – finely designed

    Her afro was beautiful … and aw naturale
    Serving as the perfect and unique dressing to the entrance of her birth canal
    It was wooly and wonderful … it grew wild and free
    And was a different part of her that she allowed me to see
    Pubic plumage at it’s finest, a ***** puff to behold
    Proud and prominent as her afro, it was beautiful and bold
    It made a statement in its aesthetics, postured perfectly above her lap
    And made for an experience in sexuality as I made love to her gap
    In between the scene of lean labium and clitoral delights
    Was this cushion of hair that complemented her vaginal cites
    That added to the pleasure of her snaps and vaginal bites
    That made me RSVP for future private invites
    I patted it down and played with it in activities to un-denounce
    I held it down and let it go just to watch its spring and its bounce
    A bush f pubic ‘down’ that beards her puckered private place
    Her afro was the manipulative that occupied my fingers and my face

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2008

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    Only you can write a poem about
    a hairy coochie. lol And wrote it
    so well. This was an enjoyable read.

    MUch Luv
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    hot u scribe it to the last string
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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Man I have always admired your pen and flow....
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    Well if you put it that way ... I suppose so :spin:
    I wouldn't be me if I didn't write something outrageous every once in a while

    Rich ... You are my brotha' You chime in on everything I write. Thanx for reading :)

    Bishop ... I never knew ... that means a lot :)
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    what up GS99

    thank god for asterisks lol

    you make a man work lol

    1970's fro?

    a real fro you mean lol

    i've always wondered why you don't supply washclothes with your pieces