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    I have written here about the Afrimerican Word and Definition many times over the past year. The Afrimerican Word and Definition was created when the research of other terms determined that while having double binding, ambiguous academic definitions, the legal definitions were written into various laws, and regulations that defined the terms in vogue as being of persons "BORN" in Africa, and knowing that was not me, I created the Afrimerican Word and Definition to rectify that misidentification I had been living with and under.

    I don't say everyone that fits the definition of Afrimerican has to claim it, a person can call themself anything they like, what I am saying is that with the illegal acts of government, and corporate America, combined with the increasing and very obvious disenfranchisement of Afrimericans, it behooves the race a t large to at least consider it, and consider the legal ramifications.

    One of the major assetts to be derived from the use of Afrimerican is the race can claim a sovereignty it has been denied, like Hawai, even though it is a state, it is also considered a sovereign nation, and Afrimericans need that same legal recognition to free the race from treatment that is designed to keep the race subjegant.

    As I have made progress in getting legal, and government recognition of the Afrimerican Word and Definition, I have also had to comment on, and expose some questionable government uses of "Afrimerican", and in so doing I am now under investigation.

    Not only am I under investigation, my credit rating has been altered to the negative, and my mail gets opened before I get it.

    The following is a post I made on another site and include it here because I want as many people as possible to know what's going on.

    Anything I write here, or else where is verifiable, I am being limited in what I can post on the internet, some of my post get lost, never to be seen, but in a few days I will post the support documents to the claims about to be made, and anyone can do there own research.

    "In the past twelve months an intense and assertive campaign has been conducted to get the Afrimerican Word and Definition officially recognized by any/all government agencies. This campaign was actually began 16 years ago, but was put into a more assertive promotion when it was discovered the C.I.A. had used "AFRIMERICAN" as codeword for their study of Iran.

    In November the U.S.Census Bureau officially added "Afrimerican" to its race classification list, and that addition was confirmed by a letter from U.S. Census Director Charles Kincannon March 31, 2006.

    In the months between the first and the official letter, The author of the Afrimerican Word and Definition discovered "Afrimerican" had been used in a Senate Appropriation Committee meeting, and these two uses prompted a letter to Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, and Senator Barbara Boxer asking what type of services were available in educating the public about the Afrimerican Word and Definition and it's legal precedent as being the first academic and legally defined term to accurately descrbe and define Afrimericans.

    But, in addition to that request, they were asked if the two uses as noted above were related. That request was made a month ago, and while I have not received an official response, what I have received is my home phone and cellphone is being tapped, and conversations recorded. My home internet was disconnected while the basic phone service was left on. My cellphone internet keeps showing network not available, or data server not available, but calls to my cellphone service provider get a response that all is working normally per their records.

    I must also mention that in My letters to Congresswoman Allard, and Senator Boxer, I also asked is Wikipedia one of the private entities funded by the C.I.A.s N-Q-Tel private investment arm.

    Anyone reading this could, and should say that's all supposition and circumstantial conjecture that is inconclusive, and I would like to agree, but there are other actions taking place that are to numerous to mention that make my suspicions more than just a paranoid imagining.

    I believe the C.I.A., and Senate use of "Afrimerican" are related, I believe Wikipedia is funded by the C.I.A., and I believe that because of the legal precedent set by the Afrimerican Word and Definition in giving the race an accurate academic and legal term it's never had colludes with American racist policies, and with me bringing it to the public, i am being investigated so as to have some type of false charges created to lock me up, so that they can steal the commercial element while simultaneously keeping the race, and the public at large ignorant on the legal ramifications of the Afrimerican Word and Definition in giving the race a degree of sovereignty it's not had had, but legally due."

    In different parts of the country, Afrimericans are getting different info, and services which clouds the overall impact of what's written, but majorilly the race is in crisis, and the so-called leaders are selling out, and there needs to be a new rallying point, and a new agenda, and I believe that an accurate academic, and legal term of description, and a request for sovereignty is that new focus.

    Anything less, and everything else is just a perpetual pointless beating of a long dead horse.
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