Black People : AFRIMERICAN Identity Revisited

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    Jul 28, 2005
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    I have not been here in a while but I have the same song with some new verses.

    I browsed the the different post and found one about "Citizenship", and another about being Black or islamic, and how they were somehow tied together, and yet another about what Afrimerican children, and grandchildren are taught about their ethnic identity.

    I have gone from being amused to being greatly saddened because most of the information that have created these questions has come from Jewish Sponsored individuals, and entities which present both sides of an issue, with each side being half true, half false, and then after a while of watching reactions, they build a whole dialog around what appears to be popular opinion.

    The facts about Afrimerican identity have been proven by this writer, but largely ignored by the very people I claim to be of per race, and ethnonativity.

    As has been said before, an African-American is born in Africa, and I believe it was the thread about Afrimericans calling themselves Africans that got me to write my first post here almost two years ago.

    despite what is said in the media, or history books, or Websters, and please don't really on Wikipedia (It is a C.I.A. sponsored and influenced site to propagate falsities).

    I am saddened by the level of educated ignorance, because alot of what passes as fact today is a conglomeration of B.S., and people learn it letter and verse and stick their chest out.

    I have some information that is to long to put here, but I will say, as far as the citizenship of Afrimericans, i.e. Blacks born in America, the Afrimerican word and definition is the first and only such word to legally define the race as American born.

    the major medias, and government agencies are using various means to keep this out of the larger public.

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