Sudan : Afrikans! The Paper Tiger In Defense Of Its Own, The Sudan!!!

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    So tell me beloved, do I need to experience the effect of the Electric Chair to be qualified to be Truthfully about and against its action, the answer by any intelligent Afrikan will be No, so I ask, do the Black so call Middle Passage Afrikans in america, need to not have made the Middle Passage Trip, in order to speak the Truth about the Present condition of Afrika and the attitude and behavior of the Afrikans toward each other, they who did not make the Middle Passage Trip ? again, the answer by intelligent Black so call Afrikans is No!!!

    The Black Afrikans have no reasonable and rational excuse as to why they have allowed Afrika and Afrikans people to be treated as Human excrement by those other people referring to themselves as Human Beings and claiming such to be full of intelligence, maybe so, but it is of the profane kind.

    I will set my sight of criticism of the Black Afrikans in Afrika complacency and lack of desired interest in doing something concrete about what is going on in Dafur and Mujar, in the Sudan, directly at the Black World.

    The AU in Afrika need to run away and hide, based on their lack of interest in solving the problem in Sudan, a problem that has killed over 200,000 Black Afrikans, a people once were Divine in attitude, behavior, and Spirit, and now here they are, being slaughter by a evil and confuse people of mixed blood in Afrika referring to themselves as Arabs, either by the action of assimilation or religious conversion, yet wearing the sacred coat that Truly identify who they use to be in that place referred to as Afrika.

    I can care less about so call international Law or UN enacted policies regarding its members States and please do not confront me about the Sovereignty of States in a situation such as that which is permitting Death to go on unchecked in the Sudan, to Hell with all of that International hypocrisy, while Black People in the Sudan and else where all over Black Afrikais are being slaughtered without the respect nor the conviction of having a Divine Conscious.

    But allow me to stay with the hypocrisy that is allowing Black people in the Sudan to be captured under the Knife of Genocide, committed by a Fascist State referring to itself as Sudan, A state whose leadership claim to be Arab, while wearing the Coat that once verified our Divinity.

    The AU will not be motivated to do anything constructive in regard to what is going on in the Sudan in the action of Death, Why? because the AU is in a compromising position, which is why they need to Run away and hide, because its Arab members will not be qualified to see clearly the evil that is being permitted by a trumped up so call Arab government and the Black Afrikan Members States do not have the Mental Qualification to do it alone what is needed to stop the Conjured up and Fascist Arab Government, in the name of so call Sudan.

    The UN, is a Racist and unjustified prejudice Institution against Black Afrikan People, so they care less about the Black Lives of the so call Black so call Afrikan Sudan people, and it is the same sentiment that Black Afrikans in Afrika and the Black people in the Diaspora and in Europe and Asia is exhibiting, regarding the action that is taking place in the Sudan, and we all are making a false hypocritical claim that we can not do anything about innocent Black People, young and old, being sacrificed in the name of Barbarism, how weak and foolish Black people have become, every where we are on this planet, in all categories that foolishness can come in the way we are not responding to the cry for help, that is coming every waking and sleeping moment of a Life Time of Black People fear for their Lives, living in a caste of Misery, poverty, and disease.

    There are more than enough of Black Afrikans that should be qualified to go into Sudan and all across Afrika, bringing Divine Justice to our Sisters and Brothers, those that are being slaughtered all because of Mental stupidity and a phony claim of State Sovereignty, using such a claim to justify refraining from saving the Lives of our Kit and Kin, all because we have allowed strangers to invade the Holy Land call Afrika and have allowed the assemble of social Tribalism to occur among Black People, as we now, because of our ignorance of whom we are as Black People, now make a superficial claim that Tribalism is a Natural process among Black people, as we remain in such a social caste of stupidity, using such to serve as an excuse to allow our Black selves to slaughter each other, in the disorder of a social caste structure of Tribalism and religious affiliation, and you make claim that such an attitude and behavior, is a representation of Intelligence, while having the audacity to make claim that God is please with such a barbaric Spirit ?

    Who are you people now claiming to be Black and intelligent, yet have no knowledge of from whence you have come and whom you use to be, wearing a coat that we now discredit, disrespect, and have now profaned by associating ourselves to be what we originally were not, which is a Human Being and the present condition of Afrika and the Black so call Afrika has come about under the identity of the Human Being status, they who are born Liars and Deceiver, and it is in the name of being identified as Human Being, do we sit on our Black behind waiting on evil to come an rescue us, from the Evil that evil has caused to come upon the Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    Foolish the Black World has become, as we remain drunk off of the Human Being Religion of all brand, and there are some among us claiming to be Black and so call Afrikan that will display an ignorance by becoming offended because of the coming of the Divine Truth, concerning the Brand New Human Being Afrikans, and I am suppose to be moved by what you believe of me, oh no beloved, you in your Brand New Human Being Suit, making false claim that we should pretend to be unified for the sake of portraying such hypocrisy for the Human Being benefit, well this is one seeking Divine Black Mind Being, that will continue to be obedient and submissive to our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors, as I remind you of our guilt in the way we are sitting around conjuring up excuses for not doing what is necessary to save the Sisters and brothers in Sudan, as well as our collective Black Selves.

    The Divine Truth, Black so call Human Being Afrikans Despise the Divine Truth, a sign that we do not know our black selves.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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