Black Money Business Jobs : Afrikans need to start KNOWING about your $$!

Discussion in 'Black Money Business Jobs' started by Ionlyspeaktruth, Jan 9, 2009.

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    :SuN013: I touched on this before. it is appalling that many of our folks simply turn a blinds eye to their finances or turn it over to Pinks to invest for them! Well, heres some LOVE for you all. YOU can do at least as good as the so called experts! We just have to stop being intimidated and SCARED! I used to do this same thing. However, I started looking at my statements and said "I can do better than that". I have not let anybody else invest for me in 5 years! Think about this... those of you that have 401ks etc... look at your statements! And you are paying someone to lose money(in many cases) for you??? How insane is that?:11300: