Chief Elder Osiris : Afrikans Must Depend Only On Afrikans For Our Freedom

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    You know my beloved, I sure desire that this devilish white man have not
    demolished all of our Black Minds, but there are many of us whose mind is so
    demolished, to the point we can only see our recovery coming from the
    perpetrator of the crime that now have us in need to be rescued from our
    Mental disaster, believing in the way the white man has taught us.

    There is no institution that this devilish white man has constructed that is
    meant to serve the Black Afrikan with Justice and respect and to think or
    imply such nonsense is clear evidence that we really do not know the
    political power structure of the world and to be ignorant of that fact, then
    in no way can we be knowledgeable of the american government authoritated

    Therefore with such ignorance, will cause us to operate our Black life in a
    state of illusion, which prompts us to depend on the criminal for justice,
    for the crime the criminal has so committed against us, the Black Afrikan.

    What is this nonsense about the children of the middle passage seceding from
    america and asking for this thief to give us a portion of their ill gotten

    First of all, we Black Folks in america, here by way of the middle passage
    do not have anything to secede from, we are not in possession of anything
    that the white man have not allow us to use and to call our own, at his
    approval and as Lil Joe has said, are we so narrow minded to think that this
    devilish white man is going to give us what he has stolen, do we really
    believe ( I use believe because if we were really thinking we would not be
    having this discussion ) the white man is going to share his stolen land
    with us, whom he despise and have proven how he feel about us Black Afrikans
    in america, children of the middle passage, and the thought of us wanting
    the thief to share their stolen goods with us really attack my soul in an
    unkind way.

    The only Land we Afrikans are indigenous to is Afrika, you know, the Land we
    have grown to despise, even to the point that we now despise ourselves and
    now attempt to be connected to anybody and any other place except ourselves
    and Afrika, how foolish have we become.

    What make the Black Afrikan believe that the white man institutions will
    enforce Justice in our behalf, what evidence do we have that he will do so?

    Do we not see the state Afrika is in and her people, the Black Afrikan I
    speak of, and those institution we are attempting to brain wash our Black
    Sisters and Brothers into believing that they are our refuge, they are the
    same people that sat on their behind and orchestrated the destruction of
    Afrika and Afrikans civilization, past and present.

    We have nothing to secede from in america, what we are obligated to do is to
    organize a mass exodus from america and with the Reparation that is owed to
    our Enslaved Ancestors and take our Black behind home.

    It is in Afrika where we must establish the next additional State for the
    Children of the middle passage and that will only come when the Afrikan is
    ready for it to come.

    I know this sound foreign to many of us in america, who are here by way of
    the middle passage, but I am here to remind you of who you use to be my
    beloved and that is the daughters and sons of the gods our Ancient Afrikan
    Ancestors and only a Black Soul filled with Afrikan Spirituality will be
    able to clearly understand what I say to you concerning Reparation and our
    Liberation from america.

    Yes, some of us go to the highest level of this devilish white man
    institution, but many of us go for the wrong reason and that reason is in
    hope to pierce the heart of a devil, in hope that they look favorable on
    what we come to beg for.

    Yet there are those of us who go to inform that devilish white man that we
    are those who you did not conquer and we are here to let you know that we
    will receive Justice, not from you, because you are incapable of measuring
    out Justice to the Black Afrikan Nation, we will receive Justice from the
    unity of our Black Soul ( thought ) and the Harmony of our Black mind ( the
    receiver of those thoughts ) and the determination from our Black Spirit (
    the action that will come forth from such unity and harmony )and move to
    make it so.

    Such an approach coming from the Black Afrikan in america, children of our
    Enslaved Ancestors, become the mightiest weapon in the arsenal of the Black
    Afrikan Nation.

    We have only Afrikans to depend on for our freedom and Justice!!!

    I Come, I share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On!!!

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Begin To Cause (Trouble With The Truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    Afrika Is For The Afrikans!!! ( Garvey )

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( osiris )

    Afrika, The Diamond Of The World, She Has Been Cut Unevenly And Now The
    World Suffer From Such An Error!!! ( Osiris )

    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Nation.


    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
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    word thankz for sharing this info with us ..............