Chief Elder Osiris : Afrikans Inability To Accept Afrikans Profoundness

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know my beloved, as I was proceeding with the dissertation on Religion,
    suddenly my inner teacher spoke to me for purpose to remind me of the
    subject I was revealing and who it is that will really be reading with
    clarity and understanding of what I was revealing, which to certain faction
    that is outside of the Afrikan Family and those whom they have initiated
    into their vile fraternity, will not be so please with me.

    So I will only go further on the matter of true meaning and purpose of
    religion, away from this type of forum, here I will not go any further into
    such a revealing and telling of the Truth about religion and its creators
    clandestine operation in the name of religion and God which is hiding many
    secrets to the extent they will boggle some Afrikans mind, but not those who
    are capable of accepting the Truth about religion, but to those who are not
    will not accept and most certainly if it is coming from Afrikans with a gift
    of profound thinking and reasoning.

    Now beloved, let us deal with why it is that Afrikans are incapable of
    accepting Afrikans profoundness, when it come to the dissemination of
    information that will conflict directly with information that has been fed
    directly into the chambers of your conscious mind by the white man and his

    A long Time ago, back when we Afrikans were just being introduced to a
    different kind of Being of similar form made from the same elements and
    based on that fact, even though their appearance were different in many
    ways, our Ancient goddess and godly Ancient Afrikan Carbon Ancestors,
    allowed them to enter our house without suspicion, because such was not the
    nature of a goddess and godly being to have.

    Beloved, it was that Time and over the course of Time, we did fall from our
    godly thrown of profound knowledge with understanding, and we did become
    incapable of having the ability to discern evil as it originate from a Being
    that was and is anti-nature, in and by their behavior, such a attitude and
    behavior, we became fond of, as we ignore their true nature, thus we fail to
    be capable of appreciating and recognizing profoundness coming from the
    Afrikan today.

    There is something that really happen to the Afrikan and it happened on a
    mental psychological level, which caused us to lose our balance, as we were
    so programmed by that great deceiver we now call the white man, a Being that
    morphed a reputation of abusing, demeaning, raping, castrating,
    deprogramming, stealing from and murdering the Carbon people, which they

    Those people knew how to relate to the True God of Eternal Infinity, using a
    process of assimilation with the Elemental Forces, as they were able to
    express such a relationship with that which was beyond the physical, an
    ability that confounded the mind of the lesser physical Being, lesser in the
    knowledge with understanding of all that is below and above us Afrikans.

    The mental transformation that we have under gone, was and is so intense to
    the extent we can not today recognize the flaw that exist in our inability
    to think, thus causing everything that we Black Folks do as it relate to our
    Black Afrikan life and the condition it is in, to believe it is our fault
    and to look at the main perpetrator of our life condition as our savior and
    it all stem from the effect and impact that this devil religion has had and
    is having in our life as I speak, when I say religion, I mean the very
    concept of religion, regardless of in what form or who it is that is
    practicing it.

    Religion is an evil unto itself, hell, it was created by the devil

    We Afrikans allow everything to serve as a distraction to us when it come to
    us becoming real and being able to deal exclusively with our Afrikan problem
    using our own independent mind, but such can not be, because the Afrikan
    does not operate with an independent thoughtful mind anymore and that is
    what cause us to have the inability to accept with respect and appreciation
    the Afrikan profoundness, who among us operate with such clarity of thought,
    independently from those who profit from our oppression.

    Beloved, as long as we Afrikans function as a fifth columnist victim of
    oppression and desire to do not one thing about it ourselves, then what you
    see of the Afrikan today is what was created by the evil of Lucifer and we
    now have and seemly without regret of our wanting and depending attitude,
    having expectation grounded in this devilish white man.

    Beloved such a flawed mentality rest upon the foundation of this devil
    created false religion, which we love with all of our believing mind and
    weaken Spirit and in such a mindless state, Hell is secured for the Afrikan.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor,Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant,Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]
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    Chief Elder Osiris

    If I’m reading this correctly. You’re saying good bye to sharing your wisdom with us here at Destee.

    What you ask for in the post is an abandonment of God. Africans have always worshipped and celebrated god, sprits, customs and practices related to ( witch doctors, medicine men ) black magic.

    You’re correct when we arrived as a slave that was changed to Christianity. In an attempt to remove us from old customs and beliefs. To harness our belief in their thinking and ceremony.

    What hasn’t changed is our nature of looking for one, or turning to one be our center like a chief or tribal leader. In asking us to turn away, from God you are asking us to stop believing in what many of us know is true. There is a God. If we are hypnotized, then so are many of thousands not just in America but all over the world hypnotized.

    How then have they managed to grow, and prosper, believing in the same?

    I’m not saying what your saying what you write and share is false. There is much about religion that is wrong. Then there is so much that is right. What men have done in the name and with the controls that religion can have upon an individual is wrong. The truth is if those preaching walked the walk, they talk. Then things would be much different.

    Here is what has been known about us. It was studied at the finest Universities and used to change our ways and thinking. This speaks some of the same things your sharing. It was dumb to loose our own culture. But nothing else was offered to a group of people who needed to believe and practice religion. What we haven’t lost is our ability to interact with the earth and God. What we have to get back to is that oneness. Any thoughts on this?

    I purposely am omitting the link. I am researching and this link is one in many pages I am using in my research.

    In their religion the medicine man is everywhere feared, courted, but hated. They believe in charms and fetiches. Some, like the Yorubas, have an organized priesthood. Conjuring and sorcery are universal, and, one writer says, have probably destroyed more lives than the slave trade. Life is dominated by spirits. Ghosts are talked to, and medicines rubbed into weapons. Animals and plants have ghosts. Spirits do all that is unusual. They cause sickness and must be propitiated by offerings and often with bloody sacrifices. Polygamy is universal.

    If the feeling of dependence is the root of religion no race has ever been so predisposed to it. Submission, obedience, renunciation, have been his dumb, unwritten philosophy. Repression, humility, resignation, suffering, renunciation, for generations made him seize eagerly the conception of another world where his long patience and pain would be rewarded and where rest and freedom, his chief desires, would be realized. His imagination, which could give even dreams reality, made the next world a merely sensuous thing.

    In Africa it was this that predisposed him to revel in the heaven of Mohammedanism to which he has there been converted with ease and in numbers probably unprecedented in missionary annals. The negro fatalism, too, so illustrated in the character of Uncle Tom, takes a very different but no less constraining form with him than with the Arabs. Indeed, it has been urged that Mohammedanism is a natural next step above fetichism and the one his race should first take on its way to Christianity. Even in this country a note of revenge sometimes creeps into his conceptions of the great day of the Lord's coming when justice would bring reaction and restitution. Here the transition has been direct to Christianity. Nearly all negroes are church members at some period of their lives, and to the negro of the lower type religion is a kind of Pythian frenzy and the devotee becomes mad with supernal joy. He communicates with God in abandon, in vision and trance. Depravity, damnation, ecstasy, goodness, heaven and hell, are a simple and forcible creed, and by proclaiming these the colored preacher represents at once the bard and medicine man as the master did the chief of the old regime on the dark continent. The church became the social centre of life, replacing tribe and clan, and is thus to-day the truest expression of the southern negro's character. The venerable rite of baptism appealed strongly to his mystic temperament, while his emotional character gave Methodism the next place, and both these churches grew in influence and usefulness as even during the days of slavery they became less local and more organized. The negro church, so carefully studied in Du Bois's monograph,1 antedated the negro home and now gives morality among the southern blacks its chief sanction and support. Its development from the nature worship of the Cameroons in Guinea and the gold coast is one of the most interesting of all the studies of religious development.
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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved:

    No I am not leaving and I aplogize if you got that impression from my message.

    I will say this to you my beloved, study my messages in hope to understand them and I say that because the questions you raised I answer about my commitment to God.

    I will not be long in the rest of my reply to you. Here is the situation, my thoughts on religion is clear and solid and is unmoveable, because I know what the shield of religion has done to our Afrikan people and religion is an abatross around our Soul.

    All that we get in the form of blessing as we call them is by and from the grace of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors and the reason so many of us who remain victim to religon is spared is based on our ignorance of the strenght of our Afrikan Spirituality and because ignorance is bliss we are forgivin for the disrespect we show to our Ancestors while we sing praising to the white man religion.

    Beloved study my messages, to understand who we are and from whence we come and how we lived, we have to go beyond the Time of our Fall from the thrown of godliness.

    Please my beloved,I mean no disrespect to you.

    Here is loving you.

    Chief Elder