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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In this barbaric age of so call modernity, there are worlds of opinion concerning just about everything that can and does affect our Lives, and those events are so effective to our lives, they spawn all sorts of Thoughts that reveal the Spirit of the World, the world consisting of many various Ethnic Groups that are victims of the persuasion of the Few in the World, the few getting into such a position of influence, by Lying and Deceiving, and some Time ordering the use of brute force to have their Will to be Done, against the Many that constitute the assimilated World.

    But, I am not here to share about that Centralized World at this moment, I will share about a World gone mad and made to become invisible, a World that today, no longer has confidence in their ability to Think independently of themselves, and when such a World has lost such an intimate self confidence, then that World is not qualified to Divinely Assess and analyze the self spirit of that World, the World being that of the so call Black Afrikan World, a World that is in need of a serious life living assessment and an analyzation of its Spirit, ( Attitudinal Behavior ) a Spirit Now being guided by the Evil Thoughts of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that caused the Victimization of the Black World and then turn right around and attempt to analyze and assess the people which have been victimized, reflecting a Spirit of self destruction, using a Mind that will in no way give an accurate reading about what it is assessing and analyzing concerning the Spirit of the Black World.

    So when you have so call Afrikans today giving their opinion about Mugabe Afrika and the Continent 0f Afrika in general, you will find that those Afrikans are not equipped, not qualified to give a Divine assessment of Mugabe and nor of Afrikan People, all because the present day Afrikan now look through the Prism of the Human Being Mind eyes and can only look and reveal what the Human Being Mind has taught the Brand New Afrikan Human Being to look at and believe, about the Afrikan People, and one in particular being the President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe.

    So an intelligent Divine Mind, the Mind the Afrikan is no longer familiar with, the Mind that came originally with that Phenotype of a so call Black Afrikan Divine Being, that is the quality of Mind qualified of reaching an intelligent assessment about the cause and effect of the present day Afrikan in Afrika..

    So if the Afrikan is using the Divine Mind to assess and analyze the present condition of the Afrikan People and is doing so in order to reach a conclusion for the cause of the Afrikan Life Present day Spirit, which is selfishly egotistically divided as to which master to serve, then the same events that are affecting the Black so call Afrikan World, causing that world of Afrikans to assess the same Spirit that is being assessed by a Divine Mind, as opposed to being assessed by the Human being Mind, the Divine Mind assessment of the same Afrikan Spirit, in this case, Mugabe Spirit, the conclusion will be a Hundred and Eighty Degrees different from the 180 degrees different that come from the so call Afrikan Black Human being Mind, such a Division of Mind, is what have the Afrikan of today to be Living in such a state of life confusion, not being qualified in distinguishing what is Necessary for the Afrikan to do, in order to protect and maintain the dignity of Afrika and the Afrikan People, as oppose to doing what is unnecessary to do, in order to stay in compliance with the Mind that submit to those people with a history of oppressing and lying to Afrikan People, and Raping the Land of Afrika.

    If the so call Afrikan does not know the entire earthly story of our Ancient Comic Divine Black First Way Ancestors, then in no way will the present day Afrikan be qualified to give a Divine assessment of why it is that the Afrikan Spirit is acting as it is today against each other and this present day Spirit of the Afrikan, has way more to do with this modern day socialization of the so call Black Afrikian of today, now been broken down into Sub-ethnic Tribes dispersed to be in Communes of Villages of Divisiveness, a style of Living that is in no way common and Natural to the Living condition of the once Divine Being, we being the Being that carry the DNA of our Divine Cosmic Ancient First Way Ancestors.

    It is a Blind Mind and a corrupted Spirit that can not know and understand the Zimbabwe premeditated action implemented against Zimbabwe by outside forces, they that cause Zimbabwe to be in its present day Dilemma and yet the present day Afrikan with the Human being Mind can not understand why Zimbabwe is in its present day political Economic crisis, it is certainly not of Mugabe doing, the Man that assisted in snatching Zimbabwe out of the hand of Rhodesia and returning the Afrika Land back to the Afrikans and is willing to protect what he risked his life for, and did witness untold number of comrade Zimbabweans Die to keep Afrika in the control of the Afrikans, Zimbabwe being the motivation to cause that Afrikan effort yo resist colonial rule in Afrika, whose Colonialist desire has never left the Mind of the colonialist.

    I do not play with such Terms as Neo-colonialist or Post Slavery Era, in My Divine Mind, Afrika today, is still under the Colonialist rule and Black Folks in America is still a Slave and the evidence that my assessment is Divinely correct, is the evidence of the Present day condition of Afrika and the state of condition of the Divided Black World, and not until Afrika is in control of the Afrikan and the Black World in Afrika being Self sufficient and Self Determine to erase all signs of Sub-Ethnic Tribal grouping and Divided Village Communes and Afrika become a United State of the Continent Of Afrika, with a One United Black so call World, then yes, I will applaud and support the action of all Mugabe's in the world, in action to convey to the Evil Human Being World, that Afrika is for the Afrikan and the Afrikan People will Rise in Unity once again, even if there are some Afrikan Human Being not qualified to assess and analyze the cause and Effect that Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans are experiencing today in these Barbaric Times of the Human Being rule, over the Centralized World, the Black World in particular.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Chief Elder
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