Chief Elder Osiris : Afrikans, A Nation Broken

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Precious hearts is it no wonder why it is that Afrika and the Afrikans are
    in the frame of mind that we are and shall I venture to say that such a mind
    that we now wear is not the mind of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors.

    Beloved, let us take a realistic look at what has transpired with the Carbon
    Afrikan Nation and then we might be able to realize why it is we think and
    act as we do and glorify in our mental disguise, as we reflect a behavior
    and attitude of a people who has been mental broken and no longer is capable
    of being ashamed of ourselves.

    Is it not a fact that a broken mind is nothing to be proud of and that we
    the Carbon Nation once wore the crown of knowledge that qualified us to be
    able to present as a present to the world, civilization?

    Is it not a fact that we first chartered the universe with precision?

    Is not a fact that we first discovered God and revealed It upon this planet
    we call earth?

    Is it not a fact that we maintained love, peace and Justice for thousand of
    years within the Carbon Nation and isn't such an accomplishment a sign of a
    Nation that is in control of all of the economy of the body, such as the
    khat, ( physical body ) Sahu, ( spiritual body ) the ab, ( the heart ) the
    khaibit, ( shadow ) khu, ( the intangible ethereal casing that encase the
    body form ) the sekhem ( the body form ) the ren ( the body name ) all of
    the nine body economy is in fact bound together inseparable and the welfare
    of any single one of them concerned the welfare of all?

    Yet here we are, the carbon Afrikan Nation, now operate as a divided nation
    and such an operation serve as a sign of a nation that has been mentally

    We readily accept the condition that our oppressors have so created for the
    Carbon Afrikan Nation and such a condition is what has caused us the Carbon
    Nation, to choose division over unity and confusion over harmony and from
    such a condition emerge the image and behavior of a broken nation, acting as
    a foolish hearted people.

    It is a broken nation, mentally, who rather tribalism over unity,
    assimilation over separation, affirmative action over direct action to cause
    our liberation, injustice over justice and servitude over freedom and such
    is the image and action of the present Carbon Afrikan Nation, be us in
    Afrika or the Diaspora.

    Such a display of a Nation who once served as the symbol of Ra, ( sun )
    become the sign of a nation now broken, physical and dead spiritually,
    having no will to fight for justice any more, and we have no will to have
    an original thought any more which cause us to be spiritually paralyzed,
    having no shame over the way we now behave toward each other.

    Yes, Yes, my dear beloved, we have become a nation broken, we have succumbed
    to the propaganda and mind manipulation as has been performed upon our Black
    mind and now we need to be told which way is up and which is down and which
    direction is best suited for us, by our oppressors and we question not, nor
    do we any longer, have the will to rebel against such lies and injustice
    that is being fed to us, every nana second of our Black life.

    We act, we live as a nation who has been broken and now we know not from
    whence we come nor where we should be going, we rather be directed by our
    oppressors, a proven liar that they are to the Carbon Nation.

    We rather cling to our oppressors than to reject them, love them rather than
    hate them and yet they represent the epitome of evil, death and damnation
    and destruction to the Carbon Nation.

    Even in the oppressors religion, a lie that it is, they teach you that God
    hate sin and yet we the Carbon Afrikan Nation love sin. ( evil behavior of
    our oppressors toward the Carbon Nation )

    We have become a broken nation, no longer having the desire to return to our
    original status in the world, we rather some one feed us than to feed
    ourselves, cloth us than to cloth ourselves and to control us rather than be
    in control of ourselves.

    Such a sign is the sign of a broken nation, a nation who once was in
    authority in the world and now has become just a slave in it.

    It is time we rise from our mental decay, broken in many pieces and become
    the potter capable of mending a broken mind and with the wholeness of mind,
    we will commence to become disobedient to our oppressors until our Hue - Man
    Rights and Justice is restored to the Carbon Nation.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Nation

    Only the devil is displeased with this message.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    what you speak here i feel the broken tren a nation torn from self mental
    stanza but to reunite and elevate to bring back the knowledgable power
    we truely have .......i agree and understand how we divided our self from
    the ancestors .
    Thankz for this wisdom knowledge and teaching to bring our people back
    to unity a one nation of greatness