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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Ancestors allowed me to be interrupted from you all for a moment, so that I could go into uninterrupted Mentation so that I may hear and listen in the seclusion of my Divine Mind, to what our Ancient cosmic Divine first way Ancestors reveal to us all, the problem is that most Black Afrikans are not qualified to receive such Divine Relation that come to us from our Ancient First way Ancestors because we are to entangled in the Mind of our oppressors, a Mind that Block our First way Ancestors Revelation, having it replaced with the Human Beings Mind, a Mind WE NOW WILLINGLY ACCEPT AS OUR OWN AND A MIND that condition us to receive the Lies told to us as if they be True, as we Afrikans rather involve ourselves in the Theory about our Black Life instead of being Pragmatic concerning the cause that have the Black World in our Present Life Living Condition today, and because of that Mental Dichotomy, we now engage our Mind in, the Afrikan World is all satisfied with a Life that has been pursuing our Wants instead of our Needs, a difference so engaging to the point it is capable of having Afrikan Folks to only engage in theorizing about the Cause and Effect that has our Life engulfed in our Superficial Wants instead of being engaged in our Needs in Life.

    The Afrikan Human Being is altogether different from the Divine Black Being today, Why ? because the Afrikan is controlled and guided by the mind of the Human Being, while in fact the Divine Black Being is being informed by our First way Ancestors, the Human Being Mind is occupied with nothing but Theories about the Cause and Effect that have the Afrikan Life submerged in the Wanting aspect of life, guessing about GOD, Universe, and Our Black Life, knowing nothing about all of that we once knew,.

    The Human Being Mind, a mental state that abhor the Thought of being Independent and Free, and enjoying the Sovereignty of our Black Life, that beloved is the Mental direction the Human Being Mind guide and direct the Afrikan with the Human Being Mind, which is causing a steady decline in the Life condition of the Afrikan, the Afrikan for the moment, far out number the Divine Black Beings that are emerging right from the Midst of the Afrikan Human Beings, they who have come to be an enemy unto the Black World, showing no Shame.

    The Afrikan is satisfied only with sitting around forming little gossip groups, as they make claim to be well educated, referring to themselves as being Intellectual, theorizing about everything they Talk about, as they feed their Profane Vanity, causing the further decline of the Black World, they having no capability of being pragmatic as they converse with each other, getting satisfaction by stroking each other ego as the Black House is Burning Down, forming their hypothesis arriving from their lame Human Being Theory without Empirical Facts to support the claim they make about what should be the solution to the matters they discuss in the name of Afrikans concern about the condition of the Black World, Afrikans they now refer to such a World in need of Pragmatic solution to the Life problems we face today.

    There are those within the Black World, that have ascended to a Mental Dimension that require Divine Revelation from our First Way Ancestors, Few we might be, but determine that we are, as we are being guided in the Mental Direction we must Think, in order to become not a Theorist alone but a Pragmatist, which require that a Practical approach must be engaged in, before Divine recurrence will begin to take place in our Black Life.

    Our First Way Divine Black Ancestors require that we be practical when dealing with the Injury of the Black Life, an injury caused by the Lost of our Divine Mind, which immediately placed an obligation upon the Black World to get about the action of reclaiming our Black Divine Mind, a Feat that can only be accomplished by approaching those problems caused upon our Black Life, not Theoretically but Pragmatically, an approach that require Practical Action and not Theoretical Rhetoric.

    When operating in the Human Being Mind, there is not one Thing that you Know, all is based upon theoretical Belief, a Mental Block that has caused the Destruction Of a Black Civilization, which carried a sign that there was Black Divine Beings involvement, in such a Construction, which has caused us Black People to have inherit the obligation to reclaim our Divine Mind, so that we may become qualified to receive the Divine Revelation that will cause Black People to know that it require for us to be very Pragmatic in the pursuit of our Divinity, an indication of us having acquired our Divine Mind and now is capable of being very practical when dealing with the Ills that infect the Black Life and prevent that Life from desiring to be Free and Independent and Sovereign from all other Life Form upon this Planet, referred to as Earth.

    So, if you want to be entertained by the Theoreticians on these various Forums, they now proudly wearing the Human Being Mind, then know this, you prevent yourselves from being available to the Divine Revelation that come from our First Way Ancestors, Divine Information only the Fools among us would refer to such Wise Information as being Foolish information, and by making such a claim, will only reveal a Fool in action.

    Beloved, the wise among you must rise to reveal and share the Divine information that only the aspiring Divine Minds will Know and Understand, and by the coming of such Divine Information again into your Midst, it will serve to cause you to become Practical and Pragmatic when dealing with the Ills of the Black World and by taking such a Mental Pragmatic approach concerning the Cause and Effect that now place the Black World in the condition we now are experiencing, will cause you to go into physical Action for the Purpose of you obtaining the Black World Freedom and Independence, reclaiming the Sovereignty of the Black Life, Theories will not Prompt you into Action, only by being Pragmatic will energize you into becoming active in Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, the Ark that Represent Afrika and the Black World Freedom, and a return to our Divinity.

    You, Black Womb-Gender and Staff-Gender, it is your Divinity that was taking away from you and you must be the People to reclaim it again, only you are qualified to make such a Profound Claim of being Black and Divine.

    Let Those That are Qualified To See, See, Hear, Hear and Know, Understand, these be the Steps That Lead To The Black World Freedom And Independence And A Regaining Of The Sovereignty of The Black Life In This World And None Other.

    You Are That Which You Think Your Black Self To Be !!!

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
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