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    To My Queen Goddess Sisters. There are still some Real Black men who know we are Queens Goddesses. So I share this with you, by Honorable Chief Elder Osiris.

    Afrikan Queen-Goddess

    My dear beloved Black Woman, the crown of my soul, I must let you know that there are some Black Men who still find it worthy and noble to bow to you. You who have gone through so much pain and degradation and I might add unjustly so.

    I want you to know my dear Black Afrikan Queen, such words do not flow from my lips without thought and knowledge of who you really are, in this duo of Woman and Man, the ONE, who has grown to become TWO, and now is separated, and the Soul of the Carbon Afrikan Nation, suffer from such a split, as we have become something other than what we were before the absent of such unity, between the Queen and King of Mankind.

    I am able to speak of Truth and kindness about the Black woman, a Queen and Goddess that she is, without threat to my masculine ego, but a preservation of it, without vanity.

    You my Queen Goddess, have gone through many trials and tribulations, undeservingly so, and through such pain you have allowed to have your Soul to become shadowed with the vanity of the world, forbidding your True Nature to be your guide, as you attempt to defend from the painful injustice you now suffer from the Man who once shared in being the unity of that Oneness with you, which is so required by the Eternal and Infinite Universal ONENESS, that cause all things to be in the Universe.

    I am now come to set the record straight as it was in THE BEGINNING OF OUR COMING TO THIS PLANET, and was so ordered by the creator of us all, FEMALE and MALE WERE WE CREATED, one into each other.

    You my dear beloved Goddess Queen, the strength of such a union, of Woman and Man, before and after the separation, you she is that carry the Soul Spirit of the great ONENESS OVER ALL CREATION, THE ONENESS WE REFER TO AS GOD, THE ETERNAL AND INFINITE ONE.

    You my dear Goddess Queen, have allowed your other part of you (the male I speak of) to weaken your Soul Mind, as you attempt to react in kind to the disrespect now being shown to you by the other part of you, which we label Man, (of course there is an exception to this rule) and us men who make claim to such rule, need not fear of the Truth I speak about the Goddess Queen of the Carbon Nation.

    The Afrikan Man, has stooped to the level of our oppressors in accepting what they have told us about the Woman and Man relationship, and has watched our oppressors in order to emulate their thoughts, and behavior toward the Female part of what once was united in oneness to each other, causing us the Black god King to become an imitation of our True self.

    My Goddess Queen, you are the strength of my life, in whom shall I fear, you are my guide and motivator, therefore there are none will I fear, because you dear Goddess Queen is the god and Spiritual essence of my Being and now because of the Black King ignorance about the ignorance of the two genders we now insult and disrespect the very god side of us, you and me, Female and Male. And now the two of us suffer from the ungodly ways we act and show disrespect toward each other, which is in violation of God gift (Life) to the One now Two of us.

    My Goddess Queen of the Carbon Nation, have you forgotten so quickly that you are the godly Spiritual part of the Female - Male gender, which make you to be the stronger and wiser of the separate part of the now two genders?
    Do you not know my dear goddess Queen, that the Carbon Nation will not be able to rise again if you do not assert your authority over the weaker part of you, who are in need of your assurance in that we endeavor to do and now what must be done by the two of us, in order to raise a dead Carbon Nation ?

    Do you not know, we must become the oneness of the two of us again, if Afrika and the Afrikan is to survive ?

    We Queen goddess of my soul, we must regain our unity and in such unity, the wholeness of our goodness will have become intact and Evil will suffer from such a union the Carbon Nation will rise because of the unity of the Goddess and God Being, Carbon in nature that we are.

    Do you not remember my Goddess Queen, you are the Spiritual side of the other part of you ? and the moment you attempt to emulate and imitate the masculine role, out of your anguish, disappointment and impatience, which is generated by the inaction of the Male side of the two genders, which now is showing all sign of weakness, will cause you to become as who you are not ?
    From such grief, coming from such a sight of the Man difference of you, who once completed the wholeness of the two genders, one being Spiritual and one being Physical, now cause you to cease to be able to utilize the Spiritual Female essence of yourself, because you are operating in a zone that is conflicting with your True essence, which is Female Spirituality, as you attempt to portray both roles of the two genders.

    The Carbon Nation destiny is depended not on the Male but both, the Female and Male of the Carbon Nation, under such Oneness, the Carbon Nation, which now is dead, will receive Life and the world will profit from such a resurrection.

    Rise my goddess Queen and take charge of your Spirituality, as you will become able to direct and encourage the physical masculine strength of the man part of you, who now have been separated from you and because of that separation, we have lost our way in the world and the Carbon Nation suffer from such confusion, we share of and about each other.

    I Bow To You My Goddess Queen.

    Come let us rejoin ourselves to each other, for such is mandatory, if we are to save the Carbon Nation from the false doctrine about God and Self and the disrespect we now receive from the world, which seem to have killed the Black Soul, which paralyze our Heart. (Mind)

    Let those who is of the True Knowledge of Self, understand what has just been said to our goddess Queen of the Carbon Nation.

    Only The Devil Is Displeased With This Message!!!
    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!
    We Must Cause Trouble (with the truth) Until Our Liberation!!!
    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Nation
    Hoteph - Osiris
    Chief Elder, Afrikan Spiritualist
    Black Nationalist Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    Author Of Two Controversial Books:
    1, Lies About God
    2. My God The Creator