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    Beloved, is it not a fact that the Black Afrikan queen goddess and king god is no longer revolving in the same space, which require an intimate union between the two genders, Woman and Man, if the world is to operate in Balance? the Black world I speak of.

    I speak from the mental psychic of a queen goddess, to the Black Afrikan king god, with desire that the gap that divide the two forces of the Black feminine and masculine genders be reunited, knowing that such a union must be reborn, that is if the Black Afrikan nation is to rise again to occupy the thrown of Higher and Excellent knowledge about God, Universe and Being.

    It is the Black man who allowed himself to be detached from the Spiritual part of his Spiritual essence, the Black Afrikan queen goddess and now the Black Afrikan King god is unable to exercise the power that was and must be invested in him from his Spiritual essence, the Black Afrikan queen goddess.

    May I ask most Black Afrikan men, who no longer know nor understand his true gender essence, the question, what has happen to you, one who once portrayed a life of excellency, which qualified you to be addressed as King gods?

    Have you so quickly forgotten the relationship you once shared with me your Black Afrikan queen goddess and how when the two of us moved and acted as One, both physical and Spiritual and how such a relationship of us, served to protect the Black Afrikan Nation and keep it unified, while we introduced civilization to the world?

    Most Black Afrikan Man! What has happen to you, when has it been that you have taken a serious objective look at yourself and loved what you see?

    Beloved do you not know that you are possessed by a Mind that is not common to the Black Afrikan psychic?

    Therefore, your thoughts are not your thoughts and what you think you see is only a mirage clothed in fantasy, which only serve to cultivate enmity between you and your queen goddess?

    Black Afrikan man, a king and god you once were, now allow himself to be led by a cultivated masculine inferior ego, which birth nothing but disrespect toward his Afrikan Queen goddess, and now the Black Afrikan Nation suffer from such mental weakness, which now emanate out from what once use to be truly a Black Afrikan King god.

    Have you forgotten so quickly my Love of a Black Afrikan Man, the power of the Black Afrikan Queen goddess, her Spiritual prowess and innate ability to warn and guide you through the valley and shadow of death?

    I, who it was that ignited the Fire that caused the Black Afrikan Nation to shine as the Noon Day Radiant Of the Sun god Ra, over the Black Afrikan world, as our rays brighten and penetrated the rest of an uncivilized world and did bring a life of learning to that world.

    You my Black Afrikan king god, you once served as my pillow for my heart to rest upon without fear, for I knew that the two of us were as One in Mind, thought and spirit, a body that once was joined together to be One.

    Wake up Black Afrikan man!!!

    Your Black Afrikan queen goddess has so arrived once again to alert you for what is to come and such is not acceptable to the Black Afrikan Life, if you do not claim your Black Afrikan Mind once again and reunite to your Black Afrikan queen goddess, so that the Black Afrikan Nation may rise again under our aura of unity, the Black Afrikan queen goddess and the Black Afrikan god, do I speak of, if such do not happen, the world will perish over our Spiritual neglect.

    Seek me Black Afrikan Man and you shall find yourself.

    Let Those Who Has The Wisdom To understand What Has Just been Revealed To the Black Afrikan Man, OBEY!!!

    Here is loving you all :hearts1: :SuN030:

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    Title: Warn Dem

    Things bad now but trust me them could get worse
    Unless of course we come together and do something first