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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder

We Black Folks in America has become the Eternal Sprinter for Justice in America, even though that Carrot is not to be caught by Black People, we endlessly and tirelessly keep on sprinting in attempt to catch that Carrot Justice, not realizing that Carrot Justice is tied to the string on the Racism cart which we pull everyday of our Lives in America, as America hang before us the Carrot Justice, urging us on to keep up the chase for something that is not in the advantage of America to allow Black People to ever obtain, which is Divine Justice.

So what happens, Black People become acclimated to the Chase, losing all desire to obtain Justice in America and we become satisfied in being allowed to pull the Racist Cart of integration, Racial Assimilation and with the pottage of advancements, we having the taste for Civil Rights, but never to catch the Carrot Justice that hang down in our face, with the sight of justice giving us struggling opportunity to hope to catch something that will forever hang just beyond our reach in America, that something being, the Carrot justice that carry the debt America owe our enslaved Ancestors of Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood for the Children of the middle Passage in Afrika.

The sad part about how Black People have been conditioned to have hope for something that will not be accomplished for us in America, is that those Black Folks parading around to be our leaders are those that are pushing and deceiving with Lies to Black People in America, here by way of the Middle Passage, encouraging Black People to believe that Justice for All, in America, is an obtainable goal that can exit the Dream stage of our Mind Wants and become out lives reality, all we have to do is keep pulling the cart of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Discrimination, with the Carrot Justice hanging in our face seeming to be within our reach, but never is, and any so call Black leader that play with the Mind of Black Folks in such away, in the pursuit of Justice in America, are those Sorry Behind good for nothing poor excuse for a Leader, needing to be called out and made to be given an accounting for their treacheous acts against Black People.

All it take for Black People to come to See how awful we have been treated and misinformed and disinformed about our opporyunity in America as for the Carrot Justice is concerned, is for Black People stop being so Religiously gullable and reclaim our Divine Mind that will qualify us to be able to See Full Circle the tricks and Lies and acts of deception acted out in the presence of Black People by so call Black leaders, as if those acts are in the best interest of Black People, as those sorry black Leaders continue to misinform Black People what it is we Need to Do in order to bring Justice to our Black Lives, not in America, but in Afrika, the strong hold of Black People, yet because of failed Afrikan Leadership in Afrika, such a Black Life is being consistently lied to and deceived, abused, and misused, causing Hope, based upon False intention by the so call Black Leadership in Afrika and America, and causing the Emotion of Fear to be put upon the Afrikan in Afrika and you wonder why Black People are in the present condition, both Physical and Mental, that we are in today ?

It is the Afrikan Fool in America that believe Justice will come to our Lives in America through us becoming Blind of Whom we Black Folks are and to remain ignorant of the power of the Mind, as the Black Leadership continue to pour into the Mind of Black folks White folks Religious Food and to convince Black Folks that every time an Injustice act is caused upon our Lives, all we should want to do is March and Pray and call on a Phanton by yhe Name of Jesus and to never take our eyes off of the Carrot Justice that hange right there in our face, telling us all we should want to do in order to catch that Carrot Justice is to believe it can be caught and have faith in Jesus, and Hope for Justice to come to our Lives by us maintaining the journey that has been told that we must take, in order to obtain the Carrot Justice that hang right there within our reach, causing the Black Leadership in America and Afrika to be the most potent Liars and Deceivers of Black People to have ever come and Deceive Black People, not since White folks, Arabs, and Jews took up the action to defeat the Mind of Black People, and to fit us with their Mind way of believing about our Black selves.

No where is it written by our Divine Cosmic Ancient first way Ancestors for Black people are to be the foot stool for the World.

No Where has it been taught to Black people by our Ancient cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors that we are to be Human Beings, instead of Divine Beings, wearing the Mind of goddess and gods of our Divine Ancient First Way blackAncestors and it is that quality of Mind that teach to Black People, that the so call place referred to as Afrika, is for the Afrikans, and to try and rewrite the Past of our Black Lives in order to make it to coinside with some made up counterfit Dogma of Religion, is the greates act of disrespect that can be shown to our Ancient cosmic Divine Black First way Ancestors, the First Star Travellers to come to settle upon this Planet, now referred to as Earth, in a so call location upon this planet now referred to as Afrika.

No where is it written in the annals of Nature Universe, that the Divine Black Being, is to live a Life in subordination to other Life form of simular Anthopormorphous Form, yet appearing in a very different and unique phenotype structured description.

No where is it written by our Divine First Way Ancestors that we by Nature of the Universe are born to be Liars and actors that Deceive other Life Beings for purpose to gain advantage over them.

No where is it Written by our First Way Ancestors that Life of the Divine Black Being is meant to be a struggle and to be abused and misused, No where can such Evil be founded to be prescribe to the once Divine Black being.

So beloved, in America, we being here at no choosing of our own, the Carrot Justice set in an environment of which we played no part in structuring, just workers to construct it, such a position we now find our Black Selves in, here in America, dictate to us that Afrika is where we must take our Lives to be, and in an Environment which we will structure, Build, Control, having Authority and Power to establish the Divinity of the Lives of Black people once more, there is where Justice will not hang before us on a string, preventing us from ever obtaining it.

So you see beloved, Civil Rights serve as Blinding Cloake that shroud you from knowing that nothing supercede Nature Rights which it extend to all of its creatures to have Life and to enjoy it abundantly, without interference from others, but in cooperation with others, having Justice accountable to All, even the Divine Black Beings, you who came to this Planet with a Divine civilized Mind.

So while in America without our Decision to be here, all that Black People do should be to do what ever is needed in order to get us away from America, because our Earthly home is not in Americans Home, our obligation is to Reunite the Black Nation and to Reclaim Afrika to be for the Afrikan, any thing Less, will continue to have us to remain to appear the Fool we have been made to appear to be, here in America, and in Afrika as well.

Can You Understand That, Beloved

Be Kind to your Selves, Beloved

Chief Elder


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